Vinyl Gunwale Sources?

Hey folks. I’m rebuilding a 20 year old fiberglass canoe that had all rotted gunwales, seats, and thwarts. That, and a couple of holes. I’m considering replacing the gunwales with vinyl with aluminum inserts. Does anyone know a source for such things? I am, if it matters, in Ithaca NY and don’t mind spending a day driving to pick up stuff.

Oh… I know how to hang seats, thwarts, etc from wooden gunwales but how do you mount seats in a canoe with vinyl gunwales?

Thanks for any pointers and wisdom.


Success Update
Found the gunwales at Oak Orchard in Rochester, NY. Nice folks. Huge numbers of boats, lots of parts and accessories. Thanks again for the help. It was especially good to know that I needed to be sure that the gunwales would fit fiberglass hull rather than the thicker ones.

Good paddling,