vinyl trip for cockpit

Hi, I am working on restoring an old Sawyer Loon. Yes, it is a canoe I know. But I put this question in the kayak category because it has a cockpit more like a kayak…

I need to find a source of the vinyl/plastic trim that goes along the edge of the cockpit combing. The rim of the cockpit is thin fiberglass, not even the thickness of a glass pane. It was covered with some cheesy plastic tape when I got the boat. A previous Loon I owned had this plastic trim. I don’t know where to find it or even know what it is called in order to look for it.

Any help?


Check out the Auto dept in Wally world
for some of the rubber door guard.

We outfitted our first QCC’s cockpit rims with it, and it worked great.

The suggestion came from “Grayak” who for some reason doesn’t post here any more

Jack L

McMaster Carr

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Or Grainger

Sweet! Thanks!
Thanks a bunch…I didn’t even know where to start and get two quick replies…and the stuff from McMaster is perfect and priced decent too!

Didn’t occur to me that door edge guard would work either…


McMaster-Carralso has fabulous
customer service. Most of the time, if we order in the morning, we have the items the next day.

The trim on my cockpit coaming (OT Castine) looks like what has already been described above.

I think McMaster shipped out my order about 30 minutes before I placed it.

The site doesn’t tell you what shipping will cost when you order but rest assured it is not high at all…

Positive feedback for them :slight_smile: and the neoprene rubber 25’ strip I got is 100% perfect for the job. soft, non marking, and it stays in place good too. I got the 1/16" opening stuff.

thanks for the input you guys and gals are great and that’s why we all come here to share what we can!