I have never been in a kayak or canoe, but want to jump in. how, where, what, do I do to begin?

I live in North GA close to Allatoona Lake and Somewhat close to Blue Ridge(about an hour). Anything anyone has to offer in wisdom suggestions, I am willing to learn.

Thanks ya’ll!

Hi Cooper-
I’m near the north end of Allatoona near Hwy 20. If it’s flatwater canoes you’re interested in, I have a fair variety you’re welcome to try out. Probably want to wait until the water warms a little, though, especially if you’re just starting out.

Pete in Atlanta

(actually, Canton)

" A fair variety"!!!
Compared to what? Piragis Northwoods?

Now String,
That’s hardly fair. Ya don’t have just one pair of shoes, do you? I know people with 12 or 14 golf clubs, and I don’t have anywhere near that many boats. Just a matter of priorities. ;^)

Read a little, paddle a little.
This site has a good section on the left called “Guidelines”. It’s worth reading. If you have a canoe livery on a nearby lake, get yourself a PFD and go paddle. If there’s a community college or university nearby, they might have a club where you can get together with a group of newbies.

Just do it.

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Find a paddle shop, or demo going in your area and go do it. If you see someone paddling in your area, go introduce yourself, and tell them you're interested in the sport. Chances are they'll be glad to help you out, and even if they aren't they can probably point you in the direction where you can get your feet wet.

I would suggest going and getting a paddling magazine at the store, and getting a subscription started. Or you can just get started through their websites. This is a good way to both get in the groove of the sport, build your interest, and I think you'd really enjoy it . Paddler Magazine, and Canoe, and Kayak are two of the most popular ones. Here are the links:

Welcome to the sport of paddling. It's good to have you aboard.


Thank you.
Pete, Thanks for your reply. I am in Cartersville. I saw in places2paddle a post about Carters Lake. That seemed quite serene.

Allatoona is so Low in places…it would be hard to try it out now…the lake should be up soon though. I appreciate your offer. As soon as our Crappy weather improves, I’ll get in touch with you. What supplies will I need? Other than a boat. ? Thanks again.


If you’re interested in kayaks, may I suggest that you attend the East Coast Canoe & Kayak Festival in Charleston, SC, 21-23 April.

At the festival there are many canoes and kayaks to try out and many presentations and classes to attend. Kayaks are like clothing, one size does not fit all, and you should try as many as possible - on the water - before you buy anything.

Welcome to the sport! Ask all the questions you can think of.


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Carter's is very nice, less traffic and a little cleaner than Allatoona. Allatoona is very low just now, as it is every winter, but it's very convenient for me so I spend a lot of time there and on the Etowah, which feeds it.

As far as what you need, I would say start with a good, comfortable PFD and a water bottle. The rest will make itself known as you get into it.

Keep checking
for the Allatoona water levels; when it gets to 835 or so it's nearly back to normal.

Get in touch when you're ready!

Pete in Atlanta

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I believe he used more than one brush! That’s my standard response.

"good to have you ‘aboard’"
haha…pun intended, yes? :wink: