Virginia Beach Rough Water Paddlers????

I just moved to the area and am looking for a group of serious kayakers who like to surf and paddle on big water days, year round.

Anyone willing to let me join you?

I have good skills and experience, rescue skills, etc (BCU 4 Star)

thanks for your help!


Come on down, Matt
Welcome back to the East coast; you might want to check out the Kiptopeke SK Symposium, 21-23 Sep. Based out of Kiptopeke State Park on the Va’s Eastern Shore, it’ll be a great gathering of solid mid-Atlantic SK’ers. How 'bout a 20+ mile Ches Bay crossing, sche’d for 15 Sep? I’ll email you details. Ed

Old Boater Talk group … when it was active had a very active page called surfzone. Not much action anymore as everyone uses facebook. There are four or five guys from around the virginia beach area that used to post regularly. One of them came out here on a trip and surfed with me a while ago, but his email is no longer the same. Try posting on boatertalk/surfzone and maybe some one will see it and get in contact with you.