Virginia connection

I’m heading for Norfolk, VA this Sunday for a couple of weeks of training. I need to make contact with some of the locals. I’d like to either hook up with a club that has a boat, canoe hopefully, that I could borrow or rent or find an outfitter that might be able to set me up on a day trip. I’m hopping to get hooked up with locals as I’ll be a little green due to my Texas home. I usually paddle class I,II, and the occasional III here in Central Texas.

Sidenote - I’m going to bring my pfd with me in my luggage. I have a benchmade rescue hook installed any idea if the airlines would have a problem with that if it’s in my suitcase?

Thanks for your help. Dwayne

Welcome to Hampton Roads…
I don’t paddle with a club, but you can try here for a tour or boat rental:

Also, if you are in the military there are bases around here where you can rent boats cheaply.

checked bag?
Rescue hook in checked bag should be ok, but it might get your checked bags hand searched.

There is no Class I-II or III
in that neck of the woods.

I lived in Ocean View for two years which is right there at Norfolk.

That area is flat. You have to get inland to get to any WW.



I’ll have a rental car & time
I heard maybe the James River? I don’t mind driving a little. I’ll be away from home with little to do.

How much does it change things that I don’t mind driving a little?

Thanks. Dwayne

Man if you can get out to where…
I raced last Saturday, you would have a blast.

It is the Dan River in Kibler Valley, Va, and I know there were racers that had come from the coastal areas.

I think they release the water every Saturday, but I don’t have all the particulars.

They said it was II, but the first quarter mile was the most trechnical II that I have ever seen.

I know there is an outfitter around there also.

You might be able to get a phone number of there site.

Check out “Kibler Valley Dan River Run”.



James River

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I haven't had the opportunity to actual paddle on the James River (VA) but I was visiting the area earlier this summer and got to scout out the area as the site of a future trip. I was in the Williamsburg area which is only an hour or so from Norfolk. Getting off of I-64 at Williamsburg you can pick up the Historic Parkway near Colonial Williamsburg and go south to Jamestown. If you go north on the Historic Parkway, it will take you up to Yorktown and the York River. It's about a 10 to 15 mile drive along the Parkway, most of which parallels the James River. At the end of the parkway are several National Park Service facilities and a marina. Every mile or so along the parkway there are mini "rest areas" with fairly easy access to the water and shady places to park. I didn't see a tremendous amount of powerboat traffic on the water the day I was there (a Tuesday morning) but keep an eye out for some of the monster barges that go through. I think there is a power plant or some large industrial complexes upriver that they regularly travel to. This is all pretty flat water but still a nice outing if you don't want to go very far. I've heard, but never seen myself, there may be some white water opportunities farther west on I-64 well west of Richmond and on into the Shenandoah Valley. Good luck!