Virginia paddlers?

Just wondering how many if any paddlers are in virginia besides me?? I am in southeastern virginia in a place called Franklin va .paddlers from North Carolina along the state line where yall at as well ??..looking to make some paddling compodreas

Hey Kayakingnut, I know this post is old but I just came across it. I live in NE North Carolina, but I work at the mill in Franklin. I am looking to get into either kayaking or canoeing here soon. So if you don’t mind having someone pick your brain shoot me a message. I would rather learn from an experienced person rather then just internet sites.

Hi rich I do not mind u picking my brain what’s left of it anyway .sorry for delay in responding to your post but when it gets warm like this I tend to spend lot my time on water.but hit me up

Hey rich when u get the time please respond back maybe we could even plan a day of paddling …if you interested u can contact me here or text me at (434) 632-9870