Virginia Whitewater Clubs???


I am moving down to the Williamsburg, VA area (you may have seen an earlier post) and am looking for some good whitewater clubs down in that area.,

Any suggestions?



Whitewater Clubs
The Virginia Paddling Meetup does some whitewater. It is based in Richmond but covers a large area. Of course, the fall line is in Richmond, so there is no whitewater east of that. I can also put you in touch with a good friend who does river rescue with the Richmond Fire Department. He does a lot of whitewater in the Richmond area. He got Fireman of the Year award last year for a daring river rescue during flood conditions. Email me.


Largest whitewater club in Virginia

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Largest whitewater club in Virginia is Coastal Canoe Club
Largest family oriented canoe and kayak club in Virginia is
Virginia Paddlers Association

I just edited this message to insert the correct address for Virginia Paddler's Association, sorry for the confusion, I know most of the readers here have very little interest in R-Control Structural Insulated Panels:-))

Coastal Canoe Club

The Coastals were the active WW club in that area when in lived in the mid-Atlantic. Closer to my locale I was an MCC member, however each year at popular WW gatherings (like Bloomingtom - Potomac) the Coastals were usually there and sometimes coordinated trips between the clubs were planned.