Virginians , a travel question.

We will soon be headed up I-81 to Maryland. I love driving up the Shenandoah valley but have never stopped along the way. What are a couple of nice places to visit in the Roanoke area? Ideally , a motel or B and B with a view is what we’re looking for. Thanks.

A little north of Roanoke, and a gorgeous little town. I lived there for a year not too long ago, would have liked to stay longer.

Hey string where I live
hasn’t been Virginia for a long time (wva) but I do travel that way a bit-I like the redwood diner right off the freeway in Lexington- typical diner food. A bit further north of Lexington but right off the instate is the eidelweiss- good german food there. If I was going to go for a view, Id get off the interstate and drive some of the blue ridge or shenandoah drive, but that eats up a lot of time. I think skyland lodge is open year around. Another pretty cool place to see is the Maury river (near Lexington) headed toward goshen pass. There are many turnouts to see the river from but it is often just a trickle but still worth a scenic side trip if you love rivers and rocks. Don’t know of any b and bs but let me know if you stay at a good one.

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I've biked on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Roanoke several times and it's beautiful. Check out the Parkway.

I've never stayed at the Peaks of Otter. Can't vouch for it.

I have stayed at Peaks of Otter.
Interesting area with a lot of history like the rest of the state.

I live in the shenandoah valley and if u really want to see the beauty get off I81 in harrisonburg va and either travel north up 11 or up 340. Either way u will find beautiful views bed and breakfasts and stores. Enjoy the trip

It’s a bit north of Roanoke…
but the Shenandoah River Valley State Park has captured our hearts. They have cabins available, both primitive and well appointed. The nearby town of Front Royal has a most exceptional steakhouse on the south side.

If you check it out, you will want to go back and paddle the Shenandoah. When you do, please contact us to join you!