Virtual Paddling

Life is good.Just got my first kayak. Moved to within 2 miles of my favorite river. Wife doesnt mind me disapearing on the week ends to go paddle…then…

Ended up in the hospital with Artirial Fibulation. They ran some tubes in me to make sure I’m not going to kick the bucked but I’m layed upfor a while and getting out of bed is out of the question. I’m tough but Mommy don’t play that. Why are all the little ones so mean??

Anyway, I’m going to need the names of videos, websites and books on rec and touring yaking till I can get back into the water. Any suggestions?


Hey Paul,
Sorry you’re out of commission; I’m sure it’s just temporary. In the meantime, lay back and play it for all it’s worth!

Pete in Atlanta

Thanks Pete
I should have known something was wrong when the boat started getting harder to lift.

You get to know who your true friends

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are when you get sick. My Corgi hasn't left me side since I got out of the hospital. Even though he hates water he takes up position by the bath tub when I have to soak for pain relief.

My Bud, Mister Beamer. He wont go near water but he's always got my back.

Some good reads
Anything by Chris Duff… On Celtic Tides is a good read. 1000 miles in the Rob Roy Canoe by John MacGregor… The Happy Isles of Oceania by Paul Theroux.

I can loan you a couple of books if you promise to send them back when you are done.

Thanks tsunamichuck

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But I'm a book nut. I don't mind loaning them but I like adding to my collection. I'll send someone out to pick up a copy. Thanks again.

"When I have money I buy books, if there is anything left, I'll buy food."

Any good DVDs around?

Just like a bunch of yankees
ask em for whiskey ant they give ya tea.

here are some of my favorites by reputation.

this is the sea. NIgel fosters paddling video #3, step into liquid, riding giants, the kayak roll (hey think positive). the kayakspecialities are available on

Get well, get stronger.

with my best,

Peter K chattanooga native, im boston area now

Pter K

think positive
If you have tubes in your veins, you can mainline your whiskey instead of having to send it the long way 'round through the stomach :slight_smile: I second tsunamichuck’s recommendation of the Chris Duff books. They are superb. There is a book by a lady who soloed the inside passage (between Alaska and Washington state) that looks pretty good. For DVDs, I mostly have technique stuff. I like Hutchinson’s “Beyond the Cockpit.” The Brent Reitz Forward Stroke is another good one. The Nigel Foster DVDs are also very well done. For entertainment, I like the whitewater DVDs like the Twitch series and stuff like that. A fun website to check out is

Hope you recover quickly and are back on the water soon!


Just picked up
Sea Kayaker Magazine’s Handbook of Safety And Resucue. REI was out of the others that were suggested. This should fill a few moments and make me safer when I do get back to the river.


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I also recommend the Chris Duff books especially On Celtic Tides and the one where he paddled New Zealand had me on the edge of my seat it was, Southern Exposure. Another I enjoyed very much was Kabloona in the Yellow Kayak. Paul Theroux's the Happy Isles of Oceania not really about kayaking but good insight on his take on culture and politics in that part of the world. Just recently I re read the disaster on Everest classic, Into Thin Air. Got me through my backpacking trip to Bogachiel Peak this summer, a paltry 5400 ft elevation but coming from Florida it seemed like I needed an oxygen tank!

I wish you a speedy recovery!

This is the Sea
More of a fun to watch and inspirational video than an instructional one. Available from a number of dealers here or from You can view a clip from the website.

Hope you feel better and get back on the water soon.