virtual race'05: 5 miles with >7mph!

5 miles in 41:35 on Futura S1-X surfski. Congratulation!

and another 10 mile surfski entry

– Last Updated: May-16-05 9:12 AM EST –

In addition to the race data I can post some pictures of paddlers and/or their boats, GPS tracks and any related links.

strong work, Mark
We will need to post a double SS time once we get up and running.

Didn’t feel motivated to try for a 7mph 5 mile this weekend. Must train harder…


cruising kayakers and canoeists
Speed of surfski paddlers is really impressive, but I would like to encourage all cruising paddlers to participate in my virtual race just for fun and boat comparison. I’ve entered the 5 mile race with Sea Wind canoe and ALLY folding kayak. I am also going to paddle my Feathercraft Expedition K1, but, probably, after Texas Water Safari.

7.5 mph for 25 miles
We have just produced a new sea kayak called the Rapier 20. In this kayak a paddler caller Ian Tordoff has just set an official world record for a crossing from England to France. Distance 25 mile average speed 7.5 mph. I’m going to encourage him to do the GPS cahalenge and post times for 5 and 10 miles to see how he compares to the Ski’s

rapier 20?
Do you have any information on Rapier 20 available?

Advice general help ?belongs here???
take it to the discussion board if you find it appropriate.

underwear too tight today?

Never wear it. but I like to follow
the rules laid out by mi kind hosts.