virtual race'05: fast entry from Denmark

by Bjørn Johansen on Escape (similar to Nelo Razor):

43 flat ?
that is a very good time. motivation for us all.


new 10 mile
lake lanier, usual gear. calm. 5mile out and back. 1:30- 6.65 mph average. peak 8.2 mph


new entries
Thanks, Andrew! I will be posting a couple of new entries during this weekend.

What about a first tandem entry?

we don’t have it yet
and when we do, my guess is we will have to post entries like “number of times we fell off in 5 miles…”


team racing
A few new 5 and 10 miles entries including a team entry - two paddlers in separate kayaks. It may be interesting for adventure racers.

7mph average anyone?
We haven’t yet seen a 7mph + average for 5 or 10 miles. Come on, someone out there must be ready for this!

I’ll see what I can do this coming weekend.


Charles River Races
It’s too bad the virtual race distance isn’t 4.95 miles, or the Charles River training races aren’t 5 miles, because then you could compare the results posted at from the weekly and bi-weekly races which have been collected for the past few years. This year’s fastest K1 time has been around 39 minutes, a few year’s ago we had a K1 time of 38 but I’m not sure if that is accurate. We also have K2 times posted, along with sea kayaks and unlimited boats. It’s a looped course on a river with some current depending on the season, and a few shallow sections.

I did it once last year
on a lake race.

A six miler at 7.3 in my QCC-700.

I am a year older this year so I guess I probably will be slower.

Did 5.2 for 8 miles yesterday in a C-2 with my wife in the bow, and a 30 second break at each mile.

We will be racing the C-2 this Saturday in a six miler against Bald Paddler et al.

I’ll start back training the 700 and my wing next week and I am looking forward to it.

Keeps the old ticker pumping good.

Any of you other older geezers have a resting heart beat at 41 or 42?



that’s very impressive in a 700

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there are very few 20-40 year olds i've ever met who could put up those sorts of numbers. actually, that is only 0.5 mph slower than the times pam mentioned for a K1 (38 minutes is 7.8 mph, thereabout)

measured with gps for distance, time and speed? need to have all that because race distances are notoriously inaccurate (for example, the 11 mile one I did this past weekend was 12.1, according to my GPS and others).


I probably shouldn’t even have…
posted that, since I will never be able to repeat it.

It was perfect conditions with no wind and flat water, and there was another much younger guy who I traded wake riding with for most of the way after the first mile.

He beat me by a boat length, and he claimed, as I did that if it were not for the two of us pushing each other that he would have been much slower

Also it was one of those rare days where you feel like you are in perfect peek.

Two weeks ago I matched it in the 8 miler on the French Broad River in Asheville, but that was a down river race with a current.


fair enough
If you say you did it, I believe you and congratulate you on a super effort. We definitely don’t need another one of those 'discussions" here like one we had last year, about this same time of the year.



Not sure of the discussion
But I know one south Florida paddler that can do that time in his QCC-700 and I am not talking about Grayak.

In that same race last year there was a young guy that was way ahead of me in a 600.

I would think that any young hard core paddler that trains regularly could average 7.0 or close to it in a QCC-700 in a five or seven mile race in calm conditions.


You are probably right, but

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If you look closely at the times posted on the site Pam mentioned, you will see very few times around the 43 minute mark for essentially 5 miles (that's 7mph). Obviously there are water conditions, etc, but there still aren't very many times at or below 43 minutes. And I have a pretty good sense that there are some very strong paddlers in the Boston area, some of whom are using very fast boats, like Tbolts. Similarly, if you look at Marek's site, you won't see any times at 7mph for 5 miles (yet), and there are some very strong paddlers with fast boats (faster than the 700). One more example- in the 2004 Beafort 7 mile race, Pete Green won the racing kayak class (not K1) with an average speed of 7.24 mph in a Tbolt. Pete is fast as hell (I know, I lost to him at Tybee a couple of years ago), and that boat is incredibly fast, but he wasn't much above 7mph.

All of this is just to say that 7mph is damn, damn fast in a Q700. So, the challenge, I would say, is for someone out there to post a 7mph 5 or 10 mile time trial, recorded (honor system) with a GPS for time, distance and speed.

Any takers?