virtual racing 2005: 5 and 10 miles

-- Last Updated: Apr-28-05 4:49 PM EST --

Virtual racing continues!

In 2004 we had almost 40 entries into 5 mile virtual race including touring and sea kayaks, surfski, racing K1 and unlimited safari canoes. Some paddlers complained that 5 miles is not enough for them ... So, this year I am also adding 10 mile race.

The idea is to paddle the race distance, 5 or 10 miles, record your results by GPS and submit data for posting. To make entries somewhat comparable the race course should be on water without current and include one or more loops to average over paddling conditions.

GPS is recommended to record distance and time, but you can also use SpeedMate or similar devices. If you have occasion, try to compare reading from your SpeedMate to GPS. You may find something unexpected: see my GPS-SpeedMate comparison.

Everybody is invited to race!

Required information:
- paddler name, age, and location
- race date
- boat and paddle
- distance, time and/or average speed
- optional: maximum speed, average HRM
- a short description of paddling area and racing course, shallow or deep water
- a short description of water and weather conditions
- any other related comments
- optional: links to your website, boat used or paddling area; pictures of you and your boat, GPS tracks

Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions concerning the race format or information to be posted. There are already two entries into 2005 5 miles race.


cruising kayakers and canoeists
I would like to encourage all cruising paddlers to participate in my virtual race just for fun and boat comparison.

I just entered my Kruger Sea Wind Canoe into 5 miles race reaching 4.8 mph. I could do somewhat better with more single blade training but she is not a racing boat. In my cruising speed comparison two years ago I managed to maintain 4.5 mph in Sea Wind over 18 mile course:

futura S1-X surfski
5 mile entry by Dave Bartell: 6.90 mph

I’ll Play Some More
When the weather warms up, I’ll try for a new personal best.

another entry from Texas
in a safari boat.

10 miles anybody?

first 10 mile entry!
Somebody is getting ready for Texas Water Safari …

another 10
this was more of a fast training pace rather than a TT pace, but it’ll do for a first entry;

mark 1 ski, epic mid wing

lake lanier, ga. sunny, 37F at start, light winds, loop around lanier islands

10 miles, 6.2mph average, 7.7mph max, 1:40, measured on garmix forerunner 201


10 miles
Couldn’t figure out how to actually post the info on the web site, so here it is:

Trey Wheeler, 35 years old, Chattanooga, TN

race date: 3/30/05

boat: Wilderness Systems Arctic Hawk, paddle: Superior carbon GP

distance: 10 miles, time: 1:53, avg speed: 5.3 mph

max speed: 7.5 mph

course: Tennessee river near downtown Chattanooga (some current, but out & back trip to minimize the effect)

water is low right now but it is flowing, weather was wonderful this morning, probably in the mid 40s with 2-4 mph wind as I was finishing up (headwind)

I was doing better last year, but I’ve not been in the boat as much as usual over the winter. Hopefully I’ll improve by the end of summer, seems like I was able to hold closer to 6mph average last fall. I used a basic Garmin GPS to record the speed & distance.

You cannot post on my website, you need to send your entries by e-mail to me from my website or from this forum.

virtual racing …
… I am collecting entries for the 5 and 10 mile races.