visibility of garmin gps screens

Quick question:

Is the color screen easier to see in sunlight or in general than the b&w screen? (color=$100 morer than b&w, is it worth it, visibity wise if money is not the point?)




I don’t think so-
With a quick contrast adjustment I can clearly see the greyscale screen in bright sunlight.

Color screens are nicer for separating features, but do not show so well in bright sunlight. Also worth mentioning is that the greyscale screens use finer lines and thus are better for reading maps when there is a large amount of information on the screen. (zoomed out)

I think the biggest improvement in the CX models is the improved battery life.

(I own a Garmin Extrex, a Garmin Extrex Legend, a Garmin Extrex Legend CX, and a Magellan Explorist 600)

Color is better. You can change the color skeem for day and night. Mine changes automatically at sunrise and sunset. I have the Venture CX. Hope this helps.

I picked mine up from

I think it is $200.00

I was amazed how much better…
…I could see my buddy’s Garmine color screen compared to my B&W screen in bright sunlight. But fog is usually when I might want to use a GPS.

I’ve only used color
Never used BW, but I have found the color a little difficult to read in direct sun. Turn to shade the unit & you’re fine.

Isn’t there a way to turn a color screen bw? In the preferences or setup?


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The new color screens are much easier to see in the sunlight. In fact the brighter the sunlight it seems the better the display is.

Some older color units (Magellan Sportraks and Meridians) are difficult to see in the sunlight.

I think though that the best reason to buy the color Garmin units over the BW is that they have newer technology and more features in addition to the color display. For example the BW eTrex units don't have the greatest reception, but the newer color ones have very good reception.

Also, the color handhelds all have expandible map memory, while all the BW Garmins don't.

Finally the color Garmin handhelds do autorouting (turn by turn driving directions), while the BW Garmins don't (with the exception of the Map 60).

Thanks all
Will let you know what I think after my first open water paddle over Memorial Day. I read so many reviews online that agreed with the majority opinion here I decided to go for the color. An added bonus according to some is that it’s more waterproof, which is a good thing (and the reason I’m buying a new one after only 4 years with the b&w) Lyn