Visit to the Adirondacks.

My son and I are talking about coming to the Adirondacks for a couple of days and camping in September.I won’t be able to bring much since I’ll be flying.

Any outfitters you can recommend? We will need boats at a minimum. How about places to camp?

My passport request has been submitted.

raquette river outfitters and st. regis canoe outfitters come to mind with route planning and rentals.

they both have rental rates and route suggestions on their sites.

a couple of popular routes are the “seven carries” or “nine carries” routes. you’re basically pond hopping with portages thrown in.

another popular route is follow the fulton chain of lakes to raquette river, which will take you to the saranac lakes. it’s a long trip, but can be broken up into little pieces. i’ve done the portion from long lake to tupper lake. it’s a nice mix of lake and river paddle, with a 1 /14 mile portage thrown in.

you can read many of the routes in the “places 2 paddle” section here.

More ideas
To add to the first reply, you can paddle a nice set of ponds and creeks from St. Regis Canoe Outfitters canoe base on Floodwood Road. A moderate portage will take you to the St. Regis Canoe Wilderness to the north (no motors allowed), or you can paddle from their shop on Floodwood Pond into the Fish Creek area, with lots of choices and two state campgrounds. Fish Creek leads you out to Upper Saranac Lake. A short portage from their gets you into Middle Saranac Lake, and you can paddle with no further portage through the Saranac River system to the village of Saranac Lake.

Some of the camping sites in this system are free, others are paid sites (Middle Saranac and Lower Saranac Lakes are pay sites, along with Fish Creek and Rollins Pond Campgrounds). It’s all beautiful!

Enjoy, Alan

many possibilities
Raquette River Outfitters (.com) is my favorite outfitter in the Adirondacks.

When you say you want to “camp,” do you mean wilderness camping (and how wild?) or car camping in a state campground? The campgrounds are standard-issue campgrounds (though with a somewhat higher-than-standard level of bureaucratic idiocy). If you want a more backcountry experience, get the Adirondack Paddler’s Map, and here are some suggestions.

I had a very pleasant trip in the St. Regis Canoe Area one late September, which earlier in the month would probably have been somewhat crowded: Upper Saranac Lake, Horseshoe Pond, Little Square Pond, Long Pond, Fish Pond. Two longish portages are required for the latter two ponds, which prompted a classic New England understatement – “(nod) That’s some portage” – in contrast to my rather stronger New-York-City language. Fish Pond has the nicest little esker I’ve seen, and Long Pond allows a diverting hike up a low mountain.

The Raquette River from Long Lake to Tupper Lake is nice – again, prefer late in the month.

I found Lows Lake and Lake Lila to be crowded last August, but maybe in September they’re nicer.

There are hike possibilities from the middle of Long Lake and the western end of Lows Lake.

For a long series of portages through small ponds, try Little Tupper to Rock Lake and then Lake Lila. Or read Conk’s recent trip report from the Five Ponds Wilderness. Allow 3+ days.

If you’ve got only a couple of days and you’ll be there after the 10th, I guess I recommend the St. Regis Canoe Area, since you can make up a route as you go along.

– Mark

forgot to add wilderness camping in the adk is very different from many states. in the adk, you do not have to have a permit if you don’t stay at one place longer than 3 days or if your party is 9 or fewer people. as long as you’re on public land, all you need to worry about is staying farther than 150’ from any body of water, streams, trails or roads.

if you get a chance, try staying in a lean-to to get the whole adk experience.

the previous post’s suggestion of getting the adk padder’s map is very good. also try paul jamison’s (spelling?) adk water, north flow book for ideas.


bring grits
you’re gonna have trouble finding them at the food market in Saranac Lake.

I second St. Regis Outfittere.

There are quite a few ADK paddlers maps and there is one that covers just the St. Regis area.

No need to buy the whole Paddlers Map unless you plan to spend your time driving.

Ditto Jamiesons book. Its sure a bible ( and he was a prof of mine at SLU) but its more than you need.

Or you can just come to Fish Creek Campsite if you will be there the last weekend of Sept and try some Placid Boats.

We’re having Raystown with better food…

“Passport” ???
Hey why not join us at Fish Creek Pond ?

That is a nice camp ground

See Red Cross Randy’s post on the “Getting together” forum.

You can rent a boat from Mac’s Livery.



Grits?If i need glue,I’ll bring glue.

String, check w/CEW @PBW
I hear there is some solo canoe thing in September.


Passports, etc.
String is correct. Southrons need have valid, passport ID to paddle near the grave of John Brown, an early terrorist who was hanged for his crimes and burried thereafter right here in Lake Placid.

St Regis outfitters rents a few Placid boats. Phone 518.523.891.2525.

String, if you get this close and don’t stop by the shop, we’ll take away your birthday!

as ever, charlie

kayaking or canoeing
Hi String,

Are you looking to kayak or canoe? My view is that you can do both in the ADKs and most of the vacationers are gone after labor day. Most of my ADK trips are pre memorial day and post labor day. Mountain Man Outfitters is also a good place to try in Old Forge. There is another kayak outfitter that I went with in Saranac Lake. The two trips that I’ve enjoyed are Cranberry lake (no outfitters that I know of near by) and saranac Lake middle and lower. The DEC sides after labor day are on a first come first serve basis on Saranac Lake (I believe). There is also a manual lock between the two lakes to explore.

As far as the ADK paddlers map, I have found that map really useful in my trips and many of the DEC on water sites are marked on the map as well as some of the hiking trails.

Have fun on your trip!


Charlie, Amy:
If this happens, PBW is the first stop on the list. We will only have 2-3 days so trip advice is appreciated.I prefer a solo canoe but kayaks are OK.

Forget Old Forge
after Labor Day there is nothing wrong with it, but you are better off paddling than driving two hours to there.

The Daks are big… You have plenty to choose from in the Saranac/Tupper/Placid area

I like
It can be wet and cool so neoprene shorts and rain gear would be good. I will be there sept 4 for the 90 miler. If it rains the adirondack museum and the gondola to the top of whiteface is neat. Plan a hike with adirondack mt club ADK.


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It can be temps occasionally are hitting near freezing at night.
They are here.
The neoprene..well September water is the warmest its been all year.

If it rains, you cant see a thing from the top of Whiteface.. I did an overnight hike and stayed at the shelter a little below the summit. Next day..rain and NO VIEW!

Best of luck in your touring class Dave..I see your name listed..

Hey Dave,
What will you be paddling?

If you are starting in a wave behind us I’ll give you a shout when you come by



Oops, I didn’t see the post above
If your in the “touring class” you’ll be starting way in front of us.

Maybe the second day we’ll join you in the touring class.



What are the dates, String?
I’m a little to the south in the nearby Catskills

and know a number of good places. If you guys are up for company on a day paddle, I’d be glad to come join you if I don’t have to work(And I won’t bring an inflatable/whitewater boat this time, like I did back in Florida when I first met you…That is, of course unless you’re interested in trying some ww while up here in “Yankee” country.) Won’t be offended if y’all want to go alone. Just send an email.

Oh yeah, any of the suggestions made above are good.

“Uh-Oh” Bob.

Thanks. This trip is very iffy. I will
get there someday. I’ll let you know if and when we are coming.