Visuals re kayak cockpit pads?

As a relatively new kayaker, trying to learn as much as I can, the email threads on cockpit padding are interesting, but somewhat confusing. Can anyone recommend a website which visually shows the shapes and locations of hip pads, knee pads, thigh pads, etc.? I’m especially confused as to whether thigh pads are above, below, or alongside the thigh? Or can they be all three?

above the thigh and hooking down a
touch over the top is standard. some folks use a little support belo but that is fairly unusual, a thick pad between yourself and an ill fitting boat might be necessary.

take a look

WW? Sea Kayak? Other?
All the same in some ways - what pads are called and such - but different as to what’s needed for how used, etc.

Look in my Kayak Outfitting album…
…on Webshots.

holy cow, outfitting madness…
or outfitting genius?

between Bryan’s incredible webpage and the foam art gurus of that psycho site, kayakfit, i do believe, i’ve seen it all…wow.