Vitamin E and wounds.

Like most outdoor/handyman/shop people , ihave always got cut and scraped hands.

I was told to use Vitamin E topically after some surgery to help healing and reduce scaring. I recently had an ugly gouge on the back of my hand that was not healing because it is in a spot that gets rubbed a lot, mostly by pants pockets.

I tried the Vitamin E and it seems to have accelerated the healing.

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I’ve good luck with Mederma in lightening scars, once things heal.

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Chicks dig scars.

I had in mind a serious reply, something about keeping oxygen off the wound generally accelerates healing, prevents scabbing and reduces scarring. Vitamin E is beneficial. So are antibacterial agents such as found in neosporin, which is 95% or so petroleum jelly (keeps the air off).

But then the I saw the other posters’ comments and concluded a serious reply wasn’t really needed and that I should just pile on, YOU WUSS.


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jim :wink:

the vitamine E gel tabs …
… are an excellent therapy for sunburn .

Snip them open and rub the liquid onto the burn areas .

I have seen severe sunburns treated immediately this way , and the results were testified to as incredable . Reduced pain quickly , next day redness , swelling and pain very mild … continued with treatments the results multiplied daily . Almost no skin peeling also .

Vasoline works too
It has no redeeming properties except it keep moisture in and blocks other stuff out, but blind tests have shown it to work just as well as neosporin ointment.

As noted…
Pain heals, chicks dig scars, glory lasts forever…

Vitamin E works well on wounds. I tell all of my 80 year old ladies we do total knee replacements on to use it once the staples are taken out…

soldering iron is what I use…
…yeah, it stings a bit, but I have a .416 Rigby bullet that I sometimes bite on if it’s an artery or involves exposed bones. Most times I just heat a tire iron up until it’s white hot and slap it on.

(Thanks for the info. I’ll try it.)

I am curious about one thing…

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I got same advice
I recently had an opportunity to add some steel to my skeletal structure and got same advice…rub Vit E into scars.

The scars still show enough to get credit w/chicks and help with airport explanations.

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