Vizcaya plans

I paddled a Vizcaya kayak and had an enjoyable time. The boat is no longer available, so does anyone know of a kit or plans to build my own?

Doubt it

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If you mean the plastic Vizcaya, I don't think it was adapted from a wood design, and I don't think any wooden-boat builders liked it enough to copy it.

The are a lot of nice kit and plans-built boats on the market. I'm sure there are some that you'd enjoy.

Looks like I was wrong!

Wooden Start
The Vizcaya was designed by a boat builder in Savannah…if I remember right his name was Charlie.

He was a Tybee Island chef who got into boat building and for a while ran a shop that made very high-end strip kayaks (boats started at $7000 and went up to $15000). Unfortunately I don’t think the company had a long history.

You might try asking Dale Williams at Sea Kayak Georgia. He was good friends with the guy and can probably get you in touch with him.

we’ve got a viscaya on the rack
i love to paddle it, so comfortable and many good kayak traits…the only thing i dont like and its a biggie is the approaching 60ish pounds of weight. Technically its my oldest dauhters but we all paddle it…have you paddled a plastic Vis?

Charlie has a beautiful line of wood stripper kayaks and was the designer of the Vis.

I can get you some contact info if Dale can’t, tho me thinks Dale will be able to. I can’t remember his last name and I haven’t seen him around for a while.


here is a link

It is possible that the link is old.

Charlie Reeves

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I just remembered his name.

Here's a link to some info. Unfortunately 2000 was the last news from Caretta Kayaks.

He made some absolutely amazing strip boats. My favorite was the tandem with the carved alligator head as the bow.

dat’s da man!

thanks for the memories.