Volume 5 DVD Nigel Foster glitches

I just bought a second copy of V5, Nigel Foster’s great series. Was to replace original that has a region of sub-surface defects that caused audio and video glitches during Greg Stamer’s session. Well darn if the new one has the same defect in same time zone and region on disc. Is just “behind” Nigel’s head and upper paddle blade.

All other ones in my series are flawless.

Am about to head back to shop and replace with unit inspected before leaving.

Any others experience this?

My copy is fine
Just checked and my copy doesn’t seem to have the problem that you’re experiencing.



shop’s other copy defective too
Went back to shop (Canoes Plus, Melbourne Australia) and had a look at their only other copy of DVD 5. It too shows same region of sub-surface “bubbles” about the diameter of a pin prick, closely spaced and covering about 1 inch by 0.5 inch. Shop will replace of course once a new batch is in and inspected.

I have just sent email reporting same to info@nigelfosterkayaks.com. With their permission, I will report reply.

DVD Glitches
Alas, I realized years ago that I was not very photogenic. However I never realized that this condition was so severe that it would actually cause electronic media to blister and fail ;^)

FWIW, my copy works fine.

Greg Stamer

I got two bad copies in a row
of the Foster forward stroke DVD, if that’s the same one you’re refering to. You could just see the defects under the surface of the DVD. So, it’s not just you – must be Greg.

L I’ll bet he has the PAL version
(European, Australia?) and that would explain a defect during the GP section, They just couldn’t convert you to an EP version.

PAL DVD FAQ: http://www.dvddemystified.com/dvdfaq.html

Starling is great!
Just got immediate reply from Robert Starling that a few 2003 #5 DVD’s did experience this problem. Apparently not caused by self-admited, non-photogenic Greenland paddlers.

Starling will send me free replacement.

Yes, Australia is PAL, region 4. However the DVD players down here are multi-region and format.

speaking of these videos…
i just bought a couple. i like the skill and instructional content for sure. but i have to admit that they are dry and dryer. i’m kinda surprised that they didn’t work in a little more colour in the way of some play kayaking, big water shots and some natural banter amongst the participants. at this point, i’m not sure that i think they were good value for the money.

I’m only making time, for Nigel

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I was considering buying these DVDs the entire set of six,but I must admit, even the cover art looks, well, dated. Not that rescue techniques change over the years, but I'd rather watch a fairly modern and glitch free version of a DVD than something that reminds me of sealskin and wooden paddles. Anyone like the series? and it is a pleasure to have G Stamer, who is apparently on the DVD from his younger days and is a world-reknowned Greenland style paddler, live and on-line. A great time to ask him queries, but alas, I do not yet have the DvDs.

Younger days?
Nigel’s video series was filmed only a few years ago.

Greg Stamer

great dvds
The Nigel dvds are the best instructional kayak dvds I’ve seen. If I find them dry I’ll just watch “Grace Under Pressure” for a few minutes.

The video production on the dvds is flawless, most kayaking dvds are shot with a consumer or prosumer mini-dv camera. The Foster series was certainly shot with some serious pro video equipment. Watch a Nigel dvd then pop in another training video, you’ll see what I mean, proper lighting, good camera work, it all adds to the instructional content, some videos I’ve seen have poor camera work that detracts from them, not these.

IMHO the Nigel Foster dvds and the “This is the Sea” dvd are must haves.

I’m addicted…
…to the “This is the Sea” DVD. :slight_smile:

And I also agree that the Nigel Foster DVD’s are terrific. Some might find them to be a bit dry, but are you watching them to be entertained or educated?



both of course
why else would one buy videos?

I bought them just after they came out.

Kayaks were new to me at the time so I skipped right through your scenes as the GP struck me as a funny lookin’ thing probably used by re-enactment types more interested in historical correctness than efficiency.


Now I’ve gone through a couple of homebuilt GPs and find they certainly have a place in deep water paddling. Your instructionals are quite clear to me and easily applied, thank you.

And, I have a Beale GP in the works, he thinks I’ll have it in my grubby little paws before the end of the month.

I find the NF series very well done (I’ve got 'em all), and, quite honestly, believe Nigel’s approach to a foreward stroke is more applicable to the average paddler (wing users notwithstanding), than are the tutorials offered by Brent Reitz and some of the other racers.

I would also recommend Derek’s “Beyond the Cockpit”. Fun to watch, instructional, and the guy is just a hoot. He has way too much fun!

Horodowich’s “Capsize Recoveries & Rescue Procedures” is also a must-have, especially for those of us that are many miles from the nearest sea kayaking classes.

Pleasant waters, all.