Volume of Tempist 170 pro?

Anyone know the volume of the WS Tempist 170 Pro - I found the 165 stats on SK review, but cant find detailed info on the 170 pro



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Does not list the volumes. But Recommended paddler weight between 180-225 pounds. Recommended paddler height 5'10" to 6'3". Weight is 59 gal. for glass and 62 for plastic.

Volumes of 165 and 170
A German club publishes the measured/listed volumes for various kayaks. Their numbers often do not conform to SK’s numbers, but are internally consistent. They rate the 165 at 294L and the 170 at 335L. For comparison, they rate the Avocet at around 290L, the CH 16 at 316L, Aquanaut at 335L, and Explorer at 340L.