Volumes of Avocet, Tempest 165 & Romany?

I’m asking this for another paddler. Does anybody know the volumes of any or all of these three boats in liters or gallons? I can’t find this info online.

Sea Kayaker Magazine
SK did reviews of the Avocet and Tempest 165. It gave 11.69 cu.ft for the Avocet and 11.52 cu.ft. for the Tempest 165.

I would hazard a guess that the Romany is in the same ballpark but slightly lower volume then the other two.

former link had volumes at
www.kanu.de Cannot get there now.

I have pdf copy if you wish me to email.

for the avo? wow, I would’da guessed the opposite.


Volume or weight?
If you mean weight, Steve (flatpick) is correct. If you mean cubic feet or similar, not sure. But the Romany has surprising capacity when you actually load it up, as long as you can get it all thru a 10" round.

The Romany is for an average sized or a bit larger paddler and the other two are for average to small paddlers. I think the “small” part is smaller in the Tempest 165, but maybe not by much in terms of volume. When you look at waterline, I am bobbing around in the Romany but get a decent waterline in the Tempest without having to load overnight gear.

While here, the Romany LV is also for an average to larger sized paddler. They put in a lowered deck and a quite small cockpit so that a smaller paddler has contact, and I suppose it limits the ability to load it to full volume. But the hull and the weight required to sink it is the same for all versions of the Romany, as is the hull the same for all versions of the Explorer.

Where does the Impex Montauk fit in?
No not for me, I would sink it. A friend needs a smaller boat and is shopping. The Montauk has popped up because it is available. He fits an Avocet well and paddles it easier then his present oversized boats, but used they aren’t showing up, affordable that is. I noticed the Montauk is showing a considerable less volume on the specs sheet, but curious how close he will find the Montauk to the Avocet or any of the other (80+ gallon?) once on the water for size and paddling or is the Montauk really for even smaller people then those who might comfortably fit something like an Avocet?

Montauk and friend’s interests

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Re the Montauk - Maybe smaller but not small. At 5'4" and 135 pounds I'd have to add some padding to get the thigh braces closer, though it was narrow enough, and my 6'1" husband could get into the boat. But the Avocet is the same, so he'd probably fit it.

Shortened up from the first try - as a starter boat the Montauk has worked for someone we know. It didn't last as a final, but then the first one never does. It is an older design. It was originally a North Shore boat, among the early designs that Impex acquired.

You haven't given your friend's size or likely interests and paddling locales - go-straight-fast, learn some big water skills, major camping trips etc. It'd help if you could fill in some of that.

Might want to ask Marshall, who conveniently posts here as Marshall. He’s an Impex dealer who’s been very helpful.

Marshall Seddon

The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY


Best approach
He is going to demo it on the Ocean I believe, so in the end he will at least have a handle on what he is looking at. Unfortunately like many of us, money is tight thus options more limited. I knew its’ heritage goes back to Northshore. Curious if Northshore’s present Shoreline is the same hull or a tweaked out version of the older hull?


Maybe tweaked but similar
The North Shore web site says there have been “a series of subtle versions”. That could mean anything from changing hatch openings and covers to playing with the hull - no way to tell.

I am thinking that contacting Marshall as suggested above would be best. He might be a little busy for the next couple of days is all - Karen Knight and Alison Sigethy are going to be doing some clinics there.

"I would’da guessed the opposite"
I would have as well and was surprised when I looked up the Sea Kayaker stats. From higher to lower volume I would have guessed: T165, Avo, Romany…

Generally speaking…
The Montauk, Romany, Avocet, Chatham 16, and Tempest 165 are all similar volume ‘day’ boats. Each has a slightly different personality and fit. Each is a good boat and which is better comes down to how the boat fits (physically and personality) the individual paddler.