Volvo factory roof racks span dimension

I am seeking measurement of how wide the Volvo V60 factory roof rack 31664414 is. Nothing on Volvo or aftermarket web sites. I hope I uploaded image below
roof rack

Measurements will be in the fit Kit instructions which you can download from


Marshall, thanks for the suggestion. I know you have fitted a few racks over time. Using the Thule fit guide it cited Thule 711400 135cm Wingbar Evo for this 2018 Volvo. The rack I have in mind is a Volvo branded, but very likely Thule made. Big price difference as the Volvo unit is about $240 vs Thule $660 for apparently same set-up.

You might say I have a bit of experience with rackification.

Most factory racks are edge racks and don’t extend beyond the feet. Not a problem if you don’t need the real estate but limiting if you wish to use a Hullavator or have wide loads to carry.

I have no idea about the pricing other than I hope they made a mistake in your favor.

I have a 2018 xc60. The Volvo roof racks are made by thule but they are prettier but " less dynamic" lets say If you don’t have one yet go Thule. I had to dump the whole factory rack to use the Hullivator.

Peace J

Thank you for your first-hand experince with the OEM rack. I do not plan to use a Hullivator, just bare bars for Lowes and Thule saddles for kayaks. What do you mean by “less dynamic” please?

less dynamic - Flush bars not engineered to modify the rail clamp to take an extended bar. I don’t even know if Volvo offered a factory rack that had extended bars

I still got the Volvo XC60 rack. I bet a $ it fits the V60. The bars accordion adjust into position.

Where are you at ?

Beaufort SC. Do your racks look like the ones pictured in my original post?

No sir. The xbars do not extend. That photo looks very similar to the thule extended evo bar which it probably is with a luxury stamp. Volvo factory ends

Peace J
p.s. I don’t think we will try a test fit Andy I live in MN.