Volvo S60 roof rack

Thinking about moving from Passat to Volvo. Checking on roof racks, I found that neither Yakima or Barrecrafter offer racks for the Volvo. Thule does. What is it about the Volvo that Yakimo has to apologise for not being able to design a rack to fit? Does the Thule rack work OK?


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Actually makes the Volvo factory racks, of which mainly the only difference from the thule racks is the label.

Yeah, they work fine.

I wouldn’t get a Volvo if they offered to give it to me free!! Shittiest, most unreliable piece of crap I ever was unfortunate enough to own. I had a 2000 S70 and it was in the dealer for repair every 6 months that I owned it on average. 13 repairs in 6 years. BEWARE!!!

that sounds ultra reliable compaired to my 2002 VW Passat (1.8t/stick) wagon! Now there we are talking a fine example of a piece of shite.

poor radskierman is right, the 00 s/v-70 volvo is just about as bad as it gets. It was the first year model of the new digital car. I’m a volvo mechanic and without those “00” cars I’d have to sell my boats. The S60 of any year is a completly different car however. Absolutly sound. It comes off a different line out of a different country.

Anyway the Thule is a dirrect fit on all Volvo. Tom

S40 works fine
I’ve had my 2007 S40 for a year and no problems. The factory racks & kayak holders work great too. I carry an Explorer & Capella on top–works great. The S40 is a bit smaller than the S60 but I think the roof racks are the same.

Oh, I did have one problem. The leather steering wheel cover laces came slightly unraveled, so I took it in and they fixed it for free. =)

Just put my Yakima
rack back on the Passat. Ya know, Passat has problems too. I just feel the urge to change. My buddie drives Volvos, he’d rather have a Porsche, but that’s another story. Meanwhile, I am ready for another season of paddling while thinking about the change. I am glad that Thule is doing the racks for Volvo. I believe they are good racks. My Yakima with two sets of saddles for my Pungo Duralite work well. Good combination for an olde guy!

go ahead, doit
Buy that Volvo, but I’d go for a V70 wagon…

Volvo S60 and Thules
I’ve got an 05 Volvo S60 2.5 turbo and in the words of the immortal Bo Diddley “it’s sumpthin git on outta heah”. I’ve never had a bit of trouble with it. I also have a set of Thule racks on my van for 9 years and they are holding up great. I recommend both.

We had a S60 25T AWD
for four years and other than replacing a bunch of rear lights it’s a GREAT car, 80k no problaimos

Volvo S60
Right arm, Bra. V rocks!

S60 reliability
Consumer Reports rates newer S60’s as reliable as any vehicle made. Volvo reliability has impoved dramatically in the last 3-5 years.

I think you may find that the S60 has built-in brackets in the little rain ditches on the roof and that’s one reason that only Thule makes a rack that adapts to Volvo brackets. I got the Thule for my V70 and it was as solid as a rock. Only downside was front to rear span was a bit short…but it worked great overall. It was also less expensive than I expected.

I’m not sure why Yakima does not make a rack for it…perhaps there’s nothing for brackets to clamp on to. There are other vehicles that don’t have many rack options out there (cars…not SUV’s).

Whitewaterweenie, this is good
info, thanks. I have had it suggested by another on this thread, to get a V70. I will certaimly look at both the S60 and the V70. My old retired buddy also has a V70 (and an S60). He said he likes driving the V70 better than the S60.

As to the short span on the rack; my present Yakima rack has a span between bars of about 30".

I don’t see this as a problem when mounting my Pungo Duralite 120. Works fine.