Voyagers National Park

Anyone canoed in the area of Williams Island of Voyagers National Park?

sort of
Years ago my wife and I paddled out of the Ash River Visitors Center up to the Kettle Falls Hotel, which took us past the north end of Williams Island, then up the channel past Kubel and Moose Islands, through Voyageur’s Narrows.

Following that route there is a bit of motor boat traffic as there are motor shuttles and a fair number of private motor boats going to and from the Hotel.


how long does it take to go from Ash river visitors center to Kettle Hotel?

Is the motor boat traffic too bothersome?

Never there. Next year.

Opinions on Voyageurs and Boundary ‘vary widely’ among enthusiasts and non enthusiasts.

A central opinion is go to Ontario.

trip to Kettle Falls Hotel
From the Ash River Visitors Center access to Kettle Falls Hotel is 13 miles by boat if one takes the most direct route. A strong paddler or paddlers could certainly make it in a day in the absence of adverse winds.

As I recall, we put in in the afternoon and camped on Mica Island, spent 2 nights at the Hotel, and paddled straight back to Ash River at the end, getting there by mid afternoon but it was a few years ago and my memory might be defective.

I do not recall the motor traffic being burdensome, but the Hotel is a popular sightseeing trip and there is motor traffic going to and from it. The traffic will tend to be concentrated in the narrows on the direct route to the Hotel. Things could well have changed since I was there. Unless you object to the sight and sound of a motor boat every so often, I don’t think you would find it a big problem.

The Park had closed all back country sites earlier this month to assess flood damage. They may be reopened now, but I would call and check if you plan a trip in the immediate future.