Voyageurs Maps

The National Park service has given me access to “campsite” Maps of Minnesota’s Voyageurs National Park…

If you’ve never paddled in this region, the kayaking is unbelievable. Big lakes littered with islands…Over 1200 islands, 215 designated campsites, and basically NO Portaging…

These maps are FREE! Drop me your address, or email any questions you have.


Wade Good to hear from you.
You guys helped make our trip great! Don’t know if you seen it but Joe gave you an honorable mention in his write up in Places2Paddle.

We’ve been invited to do a slide show on our trip at a small boat show in St Louis in Feb, but I don’t think we’ll do near what you did in Madison.

I’m looking forward to making it up there again in a year or two.


Alpine Shop event?
Is this where your presentation will be? I have been trying to find out what their agenda will be put they have not made it public yet.

See you there.


Thanks Randy…

Thanks, and yes I read the wonderful trip report you guys gave…thanks! I truely think that kayakers (and paddlers in general) don’t realize Voyageurs even exists, and that there are so many area’s to explore with all the islands and the fact of little or no portages.

When I think of your trip- I think of the winds that you encountered on Rainy. A challenging adventure to say the least!

Glad your doing a presentation…if you want some of these maps to pass out, or some slides or pictures…I can help.

Good to hear from you, and thanks for visiting us last summer.

Wade Watson

Voyageurs Adventures


Not sure if your referring to our presentation or Randy’s???

Our company is honored to be presenting again this year at the annual “Canoecopia” in Madison, WI March 11th -13th. Great, HUGE event with all types of presentation, equipment, tours, and kayaks or canoes. By far the biggest paddling expo in the midwest.

We also have a presentation in Minneapolis for the Midwest Mountaineering Spring Expo which is April 22-24.

I give these same maps out, and talk about “good areas” for paddling, and specific kayak routes for various days (from 1 to 10 day trips).


Wade Watson

Voyageurs Adventures

Dave here’s what I know
The Alpine shop show will be at Queeny Park Feb 11, 12 &13. I guess admission will be $5 like last year. I believe they open at 5:00 on Fri and 10:00 am Sat.& Sun. Anyone in the St Louis area is welcome. I’ll email the little I have on the schedule so I don’t clutter up this string.



Hiya Wade
Mataharihiker checkin’ in! Save me some of those maps…I’ll see you guys at Canoecopia…I’m going to try and catch your seminar on Friday at 4:30 but, if I miss that one, I plan to be there the whole week-end…by the way, we’re having a photo contest at

and I entered the picture I took at that wonderful island campsite in Moose Bay as it was the best campsite I had ever been in…it had EVERYTHING!

I’m thinking North side of Kabetogama this year…

Hope you’ve had a good winter…not enough snow down here for me!

See you @ Canoecopia

Thanks for your note…we’ll see you at the show in March.

Thanks again for your photo’s and excitement about Voyageurs!

Wade Watson

Voyageurs Adventures

2 maps for Free
Maps of Voyageurs National Park (in northern Minnesota)

We still have have maps if anyone’s interested. We’re just trying to get more people familiar with this wonderful area. We have 2 maps we will send you for free…just send us a mailing adress (snail mail).

our email is:



Voyageurs Adventures