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I should have posted this here, but I first put in in the equipment catagory…or advice.

The National Service as given me maps to give to any interested people. So FREE of charge I have a wonderful “campsite” map of Minnesota’s Voyageurs National Park.

If you’ve never been, take a look…over 1200 islands, 96,000 acres of water, and 215 designated campsites…all with no charge or permit fees.

Email me an address, and I send you the Maps for free…

Look at one of the Midwest’s beautiful sea kayaking destinations.

my direct email:


Wade Watson

Voyageurs Adventures

I salute you, Sir!

I do not need a map, as I have no plans on being there in the near future. But that’s a nice gesture.


Free Maps still available!
Thanks you for everyone you requested maps…we have more maps of Minnesota’s Voyageurs National Park available for anyone interested.

Just send me your snail mail address, and I’ll drop information on the area and 2 maps of the area FREE of charge.

Map1 is general National Park map: Voyageurs

Map 2 is the campsite map and listes all designated campsites (you are allowed to camp anywhere, not just these sites) and all the amenties each sites offers…


Voyageurs Adventures


Thanks for the info and map!!!

Thanks Wade
Thanks for the maps and info. I’m thinking about changing my trip to Quetico and explore Voyageurs as a change of pace.

More maps available FREE
We’re still trying to inform paddlers on the waters of Minnesota’s Voyageurs National Park. Located slightly north west of BWCA, Voyageurs is made up of 5 large lakes, and over 1200 islands…there are little to no portages, over 215 island campsites, interior lakes ideal for canoeing, and the islands and space make this one of the premier areas for sea kayaking…

Voyageurs National Park, has NO permit fees, No camping fees, Group limits of 20 people…

I’m giving away 2 maps of the area for FREE to anyone that is interested. Send my your “snail mail” address and I’ll send them out…

my email address:

Thanks again,

Voyageurs Adventures


Thanks Wade
I received the map just prior to Canoecopia. We didn’t have a chance to attend your session there because my wife was driving me nuts wearing out the seat of every kayak in the exhibition hall.

I’ve read everything that Sigurd Olson has written and the map brought back many good memories of his tales. We hope to get there soon.