Voyageurs National Park

I am staring a trip around the Kabetogama Peninsula on 8/23, I was curious to see if anyone else was heading there then.

voyageurs helper’s

I run a kayaking outfitting business on the edge of Kabetogama in the heart of Voyageurs…we have other paddlers out during your time up here, and if you need any “heads up, or info” we would be glad to help.

The crowds are heading back out, and campsites are just starting to be easier to find…July and Aug. have been busy up in Voyageurs. You should have a great time…the weather has been hit or miss, but we’ll try to arrange it so the sun is shinning for you.

Have fun,

Wade Watson

Voyageurs Adventures


thanks wade
I ordered my maps from you. I’ll stop by and say hi on my way to the put in.

VNP campsites
Wade,I was up to VNP in June and covered a lot of water before we found a campsite,this was by motor.If I was paddling I would be very frustrated.As I see the use of the park increasing I am wondering how the park might have to consider having to limit the number of campers/permits on the lakes like BWCA.I see a real problem here.Any thoughts?

Have a great trip…

I hope you have a great trip. Be safe and enjoy every minute of the scenery, beauty and tranquility. I’ll wish for sunny skies and that the wind always be at your back. (Unlike your Everglades trip :)~ )

See you at the Labor Day paddle in Mackinaw.


Voice for paddlers

Yes, the campsites in Voyageurs are very busy, and it is an increasing problem that is being dealt with in several ways.

Currently you can camp anywhere in Voyageurs, unlike the BWCA or Isle Royal. There are numerous sand beaches and islands sites that we direct our guests’ to, that are never seen by most visitors. Also the park’s orginal and current intension is to build 400 (campsites/day sites/houseboat sites) up from the current 215 we have now. This is based on need and demand, and in the past 3 seasons, the number of campsite users is up a huge proportion.

The permit system that was implimented 2 yrs ago (still free to camp), with the idea that eventually there will be either a fee system involved or a reservation system. The biggest demand is over large group sites and sites for paddlers. Within a few years my guess is their will be paddle only sites and reservations for large group campsites.

Give input and tell them what is needed. Send your comments to me and I forward them along with other paddlers to voice a different perspective. This spring several paddlers questioned why there was no kayak landing at the “rock garden” area, I attached letters and sent them with some suggestions and a new launching area at the Ellsworth Rock Gardens if now scheduled for the fall or next spring…be a voice.

Send your opinions to me at:

I motor boat here too, and there is room for everyone to enjoy this area.

Love reading everyone’s posts.


Wade Watson

Voyageurs Adventures

I wonder how many people Wade
influenced with his talks at Canoecopia? A friend and I will be there in Sept to circle the peninsula too.

I’d really like to see some paddle only sites. I’d be willing to pay a fee to reserve in advance, but I like the free permits too.


influenced by Wade’s talk at Canoecopia?
I was…it was his talk, and later the advice he and Nicole gave me, that made my week solo kayaking in Voyager’s over Memorial Day so wonderful…I just saw this thread…haven’t been on this message board for almost a month otherwise I would have added my encouragement and let him know what a superb resource the Watson’s are for kayakers…I am kinda glad I didn’t go up there this summer after reading about the campsite situation…I paddled from Kettle Falls to Ash River on a Thursday after Memorial Day without finding a campsite…the previous week I had my choice as the park was nearly empty…before Memorial Day and after Labor Day, I’m thinkin’, may be the best times to visit…