Voyageurs National Park


I am looking at kayaking Voyageurs in June of 07. I am looking at being in the park for 6 days. I was wondering if anyone who has been there has any tips-suggestions or general in that might help me.

Thank you

Take lots of film
And maybe bug spray for the time you’ll be there.

See Joe’s write-up for 10/27/04 in Places2Paddle about our trip. We did 75-85 miles completely around the peninsula in six days. There are trips for all skill levels and lengths.

Wade and Nichole at Voyageurs Adventures are great people, very knowledgeable and can suggest trips. There place is great to stay at (camp or cabin)the first/last night and they will keep your vehicle at their place and deliver to the takeout the last day if you want.

A stop at Kettle Falls Hotel is worthwhile, if you don’t stay there at least have dinner a cold beverage and a hot shower ($2) all great make sure to at least walk around the bar, it’s better seen than explained.

Navigation among the islands is tricky, take a GPS and good charts, we got ours from Rutabaga.

I’ve been wanting to go back every since I was there.

Good Luck


we went in September
first of September but they had already had a frost so bugs were not an issue…you’ll love Kettle Falls Hotel (one of the rooms supposedly saw the death of a prostitute and is haunted)…if you stay there def. take any/all food out of your kayak, when we were there a bear broke into a powerboat for food and did major damage, food there is also excellent.

The paddling on those lakes can be intense or very laid back-very much wind determined. I liked the fact that the park service had provided bear boxes at the designated campsites. I also experienced my first loon and loon call while in Voyeaguers. It is a beautiful area but know that the locals do not like the park…when in Ely I asked if they liked it-they had never heard of it! When in International Falls one local said ‘you can take the park home with you!’

After our paddle trip ended in Voyageurs we backpacked for 6 days on Isle Royale NP since it was so close (relative to Tennessee)…good luck with you plans, it is a beautiful area.