vtr sea kayak from China

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I live in Thailand, it so difficult to find a kayak dealer here. I have found this fiberglass sea kayak in China,please take a look and tell me your opinion.
I am a beginner and I need a touring kayak.
It costs 930$, here are some photos (copy/paste address)
Thank you!




Some information about me: I live in south Thailand, Krabi province. After one year with a SOT (Feelfree Nomad) I really need a real kayak.
I paddle in the Gulf of Phang Nga (Andaman Sea) there are so many little islands!
My average trip with the SOT is 15/20km at average speed 4.5kmh.
I am small size 65kg 1.70mt
I love kayaking but here is available just one brand: Feelfree.

Does it have bulkheads (walls that seal off the front and rear compartments)? Does it have a seat? Can you fit a rudder to it? Would you be able to test paddle it in the water before buying it? Or return it and get your money back if it proves to not be suitable?

The photos really don’t identify enough about it to make a judgement call from a distance. At 18’ long and 22" wide with no detectable chines in the cross section it could be a rather unstable kayak for a beginner. Also nothing about the weight – is it light enough for you to transport alone?

looks like a rocket
The kayak looks like a rocket. Has many attributes that made it seem more like a surf ski than a kayak when I first glanced at the pics (the lack of chines, the plumb bow and stern, etc.). It would be very significantly faster than your FeelFree. But also a lot more unstable.

A boat like that really could use a rudder.

That’s a gorgeous boat. Looks like fiberglass? But one of the pages says “play boat”. If the price is really $930 and it’s glass, what a deal (although I know nothing of what that translates to in real world Thailand).

Obviously must have bulkheads or hatches wouldn’t make any sense. Personally I have always disliked rudders, but a skeg might be handy.

I’m no expert (like some here are). Just thought I’d chime in that I think that’s a really nice looking boat. Build quality, no idea obviously.

hatches don’t always mean a bulkhead
Just for future reference: A hatch can just be a way to easily stuff gear under the deck and does not guarantee there are bulkheads.

I’ve owned 3 kayaks with hatches but no bulkheads.

Epic Clone ?

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Looks similar to an Epic 18ft kayak. More than one maker, has had designs ripped off by Chinese companies. No clue, if this is the case. Regardless, it looks to be a deal.

thank you to all of you

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Not many clear information on their web site but they answer very fast to my email.
With packaging, shipping costs and custom duty it will costs circa 1600$
Anyway you all confirmed my suspect: this not the best kayak for a beginner in a rock garden :-)

I looked to China market because I think many brand name fiberglass kayaks are made in China:


I am very happy and surprised to have received so many answers! Thank you to all of you.

New details, it’s so nice

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