VW Golf - bow tie down

I just bought a 2011 Golf and use foam blocks and straps to die down yak. This car has a screw in towing hook in the front which is offset to the left side (not in center of bumper…)…any alternative ideas for tying down the bow? I looked everywhere and couldn’t find any hooks/loops in the front bumper area, don’t want to tie to the grill…Should I tie down under the hood…if so, how?

The back is fine I found some hooks in the hatch.


Take a look at these from Seattle Sports. I just made a set from some strapping I’had left over from my old car. Basically just a loop , use a hot nail to make/ make a hole,then find a bolt on the finder under the hood close the side a front. Pass the bolt through the strap. Close the hood, Run the tie down rope or strap thru thel

New loop and you’re all set. Fold the strap into a recess under the hood when not in use.

There a really good how to in the archives here.

Way back when the Golf was the Rabbit,
the bumpers had hydraulic struts separating them from the body. These struts made wonderful, secure tie points.

I don’t know if they’ve gained anything, aerodynamically, but merging the bumpers with the body. It may be strictly styling.

Old time bumpers often offered excellent tie points, and I can say from experience that they had the ability to take a 5 mph hit.

Every Vehicle…
…will have a few places you can secure those tie down straps. Here’s a few examples:



Thanks! Will get hood loops!

Under hood…
I found some burly threaded metal screws on my 2012 VW Golf that attached to the suspension towers right next to the edge of the hood if I remember correctly. These were definitely not sheet metal screws, but threaded into a fixed nut. I put 1" webbing,(use a soldering iron to melt holes for the screw), and added twists before putting the screw through and back into place so they would not vibrate. They work great, pop the hood, whip them out for tie downs, tusk them away when not in use and all is good. For stern tie points, you can tie some webbing to the steel loops in the corners of the cargo area that the cargo net is supposed to attatch to. Make the loops long enough so the knot of the line to the webbing clears the body when the hatch is closed to avoid paint rubs.

All the best, tOM