W.S. Arctic Hawk seat & cockpit changes

Was wondering best type of seat to redo Arctic

hawk seat was. Foam or other composite seat.

Padding for hips, thighs, footpegs. Where’s

best place to find materials for this. I seen

nsi has foam seat kit, wonder if kit was any



You will get lots of answers on this one!!

I purchased a Valley Canoe Products foam seat that has built-in-and-attached hip pads. Very nice seat, very low for stability, very easy to put in. For the seat back I used 4" foam that I cut and trimmed to make laybacks easy. I also found that it needed knee pads on the underside of the deck so made those out of 1" foam. Then pulled out the footpegs and padded the front bulkhead with foam too.

All in all - from cutting out the old seat and putting everything else in after carving it took me about 3 hours. Easy.




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used the same seat as Scott, but I left the spots that the backband attaches to ...cut the old seat out at a slight angle .......allows me to use a backband

Best Wishes

couple choices

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my preference is to go all minicell from JRSWEET,,the stiffer one,,I forget M-200,300 something like that. Get a 1/2 bun 2'x4' and go crazy,,if you screw up you can make another.
Or,,Newfound has some plastic production seats. Or the regular one,,I think that's what most folks use.



kayaksport seats


kayakfit.com info source
This website has a lot of “how to” instruction for outfitting a kayak - seats, thigh braces, hip pads, etc. etc.

They also sell some of the outfitting foam and tools to do the job.

I have never ordered from them - so have never personally ordered from them. I just found this website several years ago and found it interesting.