First you have to find a place at the head of Lake Mohave where you can put in. It’s going to be rather remote, so I don’t think I would be leaving my vehicle there. Lake Mohave is about 60 miles long and at times the wind is a big issue as the wind blows right down the lake.

I have paddled a lot on Lake Mohave, but always at the south end in the Katherine’s Landing area and down to Davis Dam. I’ve looked at the rest of the lake, but it didn’t look that interesting. You can go to Maps and look at the aerial view of the lake. I just did and from what I see, it look like there might be a launch site a little ways below Hoover Dam on the west side. I’m guessing that the canyon is very steep, so it’s hard to say what kind of access there is there.

Another possibility is Cotton Cove which is down from Search Light. From there to Katherine’s landing it is much more doable, but still you’ve got to allow for the wind. I’ve seen it blow 50 mph for days and nights on end. You don’t want to be out there when that wind is up.

Anyway, I would suggest that you first take a look at the Lake from Katherine’s Landing and see what you think before you jump right into doing the whole lake. Another trip would be from Below Davis Dam down to Needles, or if you’re up for it to Lake Havasu through the canyon. That whole stretch of the river is relatively civilized.

I would be very cautious about tackling anything in that area in the summer. It’s all down in a hole and it literally gets hotter than hell down there.

Thanks for the advice , I will check on the map and will certainly explore from you were indicated , 50mp/h is not what I want to encounter when canoeing.