Wabakimi Project

Hello All.I have been involved with the Wabakimi Project since 2005 and I keep going back. If you would like to see the Boreal Forest in Wabakimi via fly in and fly out but can’t afford it, the Wabakimi Project may be of interest to you. There is a trade off of labour. You can help The Wabakimi Project with a little rewarding labour and have an awesome trip! If you have any questions feel free. Phil Cotton the founder will be presenting at Canoecopia.

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Who are you?

I have been there since 2005 and its a good thing I have not been your tentmate!


I am going back for 2009…Not to Canoecopia but for the project and probably a separate two week solo.

Don’t forget we will be having our first set of maps available. Your right, the work is rewarding and is quite the experience.

Phil Cotton: pjcotton@tbaytel.net

or go to: www.wabakimi.org for further information.

This is one of the most exciting years because through the efforts of volunteers, we achieved our outcome!