Wabakimi provincial park?

We are looking at paddling up in the Wabakimi provincial park for 5 weeks. I’m trying to find as many sources of information as I can. Anyone here have any stories, thoughts, books, people, guides, outfitters, etc. that might be useful? Thanks!

a gun ?


bring rain gear

train ?

ok the google non information is tiring

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I have paddled Wabakimi several times

There is no road access. There is fly in access. For a day paddling you can get to the park

or you can use VIA Rail which is not as easy as one might hope.

Threads on canoe tripping abound on some other forums that the Google bot deems unworthy.. in other words not enough hits.

You can enrol at www.bwca.com and choose a private forum chock full of info under "Wabakimi" Good for overall trip planning.
And check out Phil Cottons website. The Wabakimi Project Its invaluable as a source of maps.


though I prefer for fly in ( as I have my own gear)

http://www.walleye.ca/canoeing/ Don Elliott of Mattice Lake Outfitters. A ride with Don or one of his pilots in a Beaver is unforgettable.

Yep you can train in. But as VIA changes the terms often its a good idea to post or watch at


VIA has made the schedule from Armstrong and also from the west end of the park mighty inconvenient.

You can totally disregard the trollposts below. I dont do GOOGLE searches. I PADDLE THERE! There is no road other than 527 to Armstrong. Yes the area outside the park is logged. It is the Caribou Wild Forest and logging permitted. Armstrong and Savant Lake both are lightly populated. There is no mill. Forest fires are always present in the summer. They are usually monitored and allowed to burn. WHY? The predominant tree is the jackpine and regeneration requires fire. Its cones wont open without it.

I would suggest for further information contact real people not google bots. There are quite a few trip reports on www.myccr.com

314 ?

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the transmission is from an S5. Earlier on a PC, Goo Maps suggested the Park area is perimetered by roads. Or toads as I wrote...

When you were there, was fire smoke a problem or paper mill air pollution ?

Photos suggest vast past clear cutting leaving present day scrub. Is scrub regrowth common landscape ?

Prefacing search terms with: BLOG

often brings in club or FORUM or personnel
correspondence. The bot responds to intelligence.

How were the black flies n mosquito ?

roads not roads

did not refind Ont 314…but here’s a road from Savant Lake to Armstrong…logging/fire/EM ?

that route does not appear in Google Maps routing service…not for walking or train or surly not cycling.

Unless you are Canadian ?



314 on the map seen last night ran along the western perimeter…as a ridge parallel to the more western road in the common map

entering only WABAKIMI …quickly when the menu pops in

brings up block of suggested canoe routes.

@Kayakmedic - great information I’ll go dig into those forums. Appreciate the information.

So we also have all our own gear, did you bring your own canoes? We’d be traveling all the way from Seattle, so we’d probably drive as close as we could and then figure out how to get our gear into the park …

local noise

2 local parties were either Canadian or traveled there. Roads shown on maps are there but publically off limits, last use able in the late 50’s ? 60’s ?

Way back. The status of ‘public information’ exists here in USA so for various reasons surly in Canada.

What I gather at the border is Canadian information is for Americans, then unlisted official information is for Canadians.

Kayakmedic may be on call …

add back packer

or always add backpacker

looking for Wabakimi
came across a Backpucker reference to a Wabakimi tent, Eureka ! titled in the Google blurp as for ‘wet and cold’

looking again, I did not relocate the blurp but stumbled into the BWCA site:


Canadian Canoe Route forum
The most info with links blogs and photos are at the

Canadian Canoe Route forum. Google it. Biggest paddle resource in Canada.

vacation homes ?

rumor sez helicopters planted vacation homes for example at Wilberforce.

any info on this ?

are The Barrens barren or tongue n groove ?

yep go there to CCR
DK cant distract you with false information from a googly search

No Dummy
the cabin rumor is old now first heard maybe 20 years ago.

Was linked to the computer $urge.

Some of the aformentioned Wabakimi.org links are outdated. Check out the current Friends of Wabakimi website at https://www.wabakimi.org We’re carrying on the work of The Wabakimi Project.

Canadian Canoe Routes is a great source of information.