Anybody been to Wabakimi? How was it? What area? Did you use an outfitter? If so which one? Just any info would be appreciated - thanks, Rusty

12th trip coming up
we leave tomorrow for a week this time

There are a number of outfitters in the area. UWe use Mattice Lake Outfitters for fly ins and secure parking if taking VIA Rail

Much more info is found at www.wabakimi.org and


There are many of us who have spent considerable time there at CCR. So far I have spent three mohths accumulated time there.

Just getting there requires planning. I have to make sure the gas tank is full…nothing for 156 miles out of Thunder Bay to Armstrong.

We usually go in from the east but with VIA changing its schedule it might be more practical to come in from 599. From the west. At least you dont get dumped in the bush at 2 am.

thanks…you sound like just the person
to talk to if I plan a trip, good luck and hope all goes well with this trip!!

The Wabakimi Project that kayamedic mentions above, also sells detailed maps. Myccr would be the place to ask questions because the map maker & founder of the Wabakimi Project are on that site as well.

Let me know if you go! I would love to hear a trip report.

Will do
I have just resently heard of this place and I am doing more research but it sounds and looks like a great trip!!

Some of the trips I have done over the
last 20 years involve parts of the Allanwater route, Lookout River, the Flindt/Ogoki rivers and up to Whitewater-Ogoki-Pitiguishi Rivers.

No real trip reports for any of them.

If you are used to signage at canoe areas, this is very different. There are no official portage trail markings and portages are one canoe wonders. Often the landings are less than two feet wide and within one canoe length of rapids. It behooves you to watch for subtle changes in landscape and old blazes on trees.

Thats where the material that can be gotten through www.wabakimi.org can be gotten. That is the only group that is going and updating the seriously out of date section sheets formerly used and also adding campsites that are found on recon. Not all the campsites are glaringly obvious either. While thirty five bucks seems like a lot, there is a lot of work that went into developing each watershed guide. And it could help you save your life.At least it can make a better experience.