Wabash river, IN

I am preparing to canoe down the wabash river starting at cayuga. I was wondering if anyone here has done it, or can give me advice on it. I am going to try to do it all the way to the ohio in one or two trips. I am paddling a old town disco, I have a 12 foot dagger kayak and a bell rockstar, but I think the disco might be the best choice. Any tips or advice would be a great help (drinking water access?). Thank you!!

Wabash River

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I have only done short stretches of the Wabash as day trips. You are talking about doing half, or more, of the longest free-flowing river east of the Mississippi (475 miles) in one or two trips. Obviously you are talking about multiday trips of a week or longer.

I would think a Disco canoe would be fine. You will need to worry about more than drinking water, such as shuttles and camping opportunities. I'm not sure what opportunities exist for "approved" camping. Perhaps a guide book would help: http://www.riverlorian.com/riverguidebooks.htm

You can also download a Google Maps file pertaining to Wabash River access points here: http://www.wabashriver.us/maps/index.htm

Which Disco? I would probably choose
the Rockstar unless I thought I had a serious capacity issue.

Wabash is a very slow river.
I’ve paddled most of the Wabash. One thinks for sure. you’ll not set any speed records on it. I was paddling sea kayaks and the best day I’ve had was about 40 miles. If you’re canoeing I’d say plan on less. Once you get south of Terra Haute it get harder and harder to be close to civilization. I have not done the bottom stretch past the ferry.

paddle IN
pick up the paddle Indiana book it has useful info such as put in’s and take out’s local outfitters, access to sites close to camping areas and food.

In addition most of our rivers in Northern IN are flood stage due to very heavy rain fall which of course makes for a faster paddle down river.

I do have the paddling IN book it is helpful. As far as camping I’m just going to black op’s it, and hope for the best.I have the shuttles all arranged also. Getting water is my main concern. Good to know about the 4o miles a day, as I was estimating about 50. I really need a sea kayak, but it is just not in the finances right now. I am planning on eventually going all the way to the gulf, and I know I’ll need one then. So I am doing sections till I get to the Mississippi, so I can shave some time off the big trip. I am taking the disco because it tracks better than the rockstar, and it is a tank that does better on the big stuff. Being able to sleep in it if I have to is a draw also. Of course I like the rockstar more, but I think the disco is better suited for large rivers.

Thanks for that link! I am ordering that guide book now, just what I was looking for.

Wabash Trips?
Curious how this trip ended up for you? A friend and myself are going to be doing the Covington to Terre Haute run at the beginning of June. This, I’m told, is roughly a 56 mile run and typically is a 3 day, 2 night kayak camping trip. So any insight by a Wabash veteran is appreciated! Thanks!