Wabash River--Indiana

Thinking of doing a long canoe trip on the Wabash and would appreciate any good local knowledge from paddlers that have done it. Best time of year-camping considerations on river-interesting old river towns that would be important to visit-Hoosier paddling clubs I could post to for info-weird historical spots that would be fun to check out–resupply concerns–any information would be helpful. Thanks in advance-------------

Well the Hoosier Canoe Club might be a source of information. I have paddled a good bit of the lower Wabash. I have only done day trips and am not aware of camping opportunities. Be aware that the Wabash, like most major tributaries of the Ohio and Mississippi, is infested with silver carp. These large, slimy, smelly fish can be a nuisance because the school and jump high out of the water when you pass over them, frequently smacking into your boat, sometimes your body, and not uncommonly winding up in your canoe. They tend to congregate in the shallows and can sometimes be avoided by staying out away from shore.

Hey, I’d love to know what you find out! Wabash is right in my neck of the woods.

I think we did W. Lafayette to Bloomington back in 1960s. It seems like water was up and some nights we had trouble finding dry land. I’m sure things have changed