Wabash Valley Canoe Dyna-C

I have recently picked up an old WVC C1, I think the model was called a Dyna-C:


17’ length, 29½" width oa, 20½" width at the gunnel, 20 lbs with a newer (not necessarily better) seat.

I’m assuming it was built in May 1985. Do the preceding numbers denote the production #? And, does the D stand for Dyna-C?

Is there anyone who can tell me more about the boat and how it compares to the other boats of that era (Shockwave, Advantage, etc.)?

I don’t want to bother anyone at Northstar…

The D denotes the 4th month of 1985 when the boat was made. The 85 is the model year. The folks at Northstar are great people to talk to and love to talk boats.

Agreed. Northstar people always seem genuinely happy to talk with customers. They’re busy building boats so they sometimes don’t answer the phone, but I have always received helpful email responses - info@northstarcanoes.com

You could also PM Charle Wilson I think he was with Bell at that time.

Dyna-C was a USCA racing C-1. Faster than Shockwave or Advange. I raced and won the USCA Nationals in it in 1982 and 1984. Bruce Barton