Wabash Valley Cruiser canoe

Does anyone have information on a Wabash Valley Cruiser canoe? It appears to be an ultralight layup with aluminum gunwales.

Perhaps someone has a catalog page or something similar.


I’m giving this a bump in hope that someone who does know about the Wabash Valley boats might spot this & chime in. the remains of my memory suggests that Wabash Valley focused on racing canoes. Given the name “Cruiser”, but only that, I wonder if it might be a USCA Competition cruiser as opposed to the 3X27 “Pro” boats.

You might try reaching out to NorthStar Canoes. Something tickled the back of my brain and this 20 year old article confirms the linage.

Per the article, Ted Bell bought Wabash Valley Canoe in ~1982 and that became Bell canoes and now NorthStar Canoes.


The canoe in your pictures looks like a 1970s racing canoe very similar to the Wenonah Jensen 18’ that I once owned. The “W.W.” on the decal suggests that the depth might have been increased for Down River (White Water) racing but that is only a guess. All in all, it looks like a great Boundary Waters & fast tripping canoe. Enjoy.

It seems that this is very similar to the Wenonah Odyssey in terms of construction and purpose. I’m still looking for any further information.


That’s what I thought when I saw the photos of your canoe. We have an Odyssey and the lines and depths appear to be very similar.

I wonder if you contacted Wenonah and asked them about the history of the Odyssey if the Wabash Valley Cruiser was a precursor or a concurrent design and build.



The Wabash Valley Whitewater Cruiser.

“The Whitewater Cruiser is a handsome, traditionally designed canoe. It sets at liberty the weekend canoeist and gives the feeling of well-being on lengthy expeditions. This seaworthy craft is fast for any canoe with such excellent load capacity and stability. It has a slightly rockered hull that aids manueverability, well-suited for beginners to experts, and maintains efficient tracking characteristics. For the conditions found in wilderness tripping, the Whitewater Cruiser is quite capable in meeting the challenge with efficiency.”

18’ 5" x 35"

This description is from the 1986 Wabash Valley Canoe catalog.

Thanks and cool canoe!

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Thanks so much MNDan! That the sort of thing I was looking for!

Its a 1986 canoe too!

If I get some time later, I’ll try to post a picture of the original description, specs, etc. from the catalog.

Have you had it out on the water yet?

Not yet, Ive been working every day since I picked it up. Hopefully soon!