Wabash Valley Dynamic

Would it be possible to do any touring in this boat. Could you pack gear for an overnight if you went light?


But, of note, it seems we had the mold at Bell Canoe in Zimmerman and never made one.

Was Wabash’s WWOC-1. I never paddled one but I would think that a lot of the same things that were said in the thread about the Jense WWOC-1 as a tripping boat apply to the Dynamic.It was 16’4" long and had a 23 inch gunwale width and 28 1/2 at the water line.

That in iself would be a good reason I never paddled one. I was taking the specs from the 87 buyers guide.

Wabash Valley
The canoe in 18 feet and a tandem, the HIN is WVC003520533.

thanks for the opinions!