Wabasha canoe info sought

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29 years ago a buddy asked if he could store his new canoe in my barn. I haven't seen him since. I am looking to sell the canoe, but have no idea of its value. The company, from Wabasha, MN, is out of business as far as I can tell. Here is what I have:

Wabasha Dolphin Squaw 17' Flatbottom Fiberglass Canoe
Manufactured by Dolphin Products, Inc. in Wabasha, Minn.
1976 Bicentennial Edition - Red, White, & Blue
2' high at each end
3' wide in center
Unless he put it in the water 29 years ago, this canoe has never been wet.
I have pictures that I could e-mail.

Wabash canoes
I believe was Ted Bell’s first canoe company. Contact Bell canoe and they might be able to give you leads/info on that boat.

That was Wabash Valley canoes
Not Wabasha canoes.

Not Wabash
No, it clearly says Wabasha, Minnesota.

Wabash Valley
was based in Crawfordsville, IN.

Look for a Hull Identification Number.

The first three digits indicate the manufacturer.

Hull Number
I could not locate any hull number, but the tag inside the bow of the canoe says Dolphin Products, Wabasha, Minn.

No HINs in 1976
Unless I’m mistaken the Federal requirement for Hull Identification Numbers - HIN (that blk referred to) didn’t come into effect until 1978. (???). So this boat wouldn’t have ‘em.

November 1 1972

I stand corrected. Thanks - Randall