Waccasassa River, Florida question

Yes the spelling is correct!

Has anyone paddled this river?

It is on the “Nature Coast” just south of Cedar Key.

We scouted launch areas to day, (thunderstorms), and found a good one, and the river looks like a nice wilderness destination.

We are wondering how for up river a paddler can go and any other info. from people who might be familiar.

Down river to the coast looks good too on Garmins US topo east.

Jack L

Waccasassa River
I have paddled two sections of this river, from where Hwy 24 crosses it to Hwy 19 and from Hwy 19 to the boat ramp near Gulf Hammock. From the town of Gulf Hammock located on Hwy 19, go southwest on Hwy 326 and there is a boat ramp at the end of the road, it sounds like you might have found this ramp. You can go out to the Gulf or upstream about 9 miles to Hwy 19. As you go upstream from the boat ramp the Waccasassa River comes in from the left after about a mile, if you keep going straight upstream you are on the Wekiva river. The section from Hwy 24 to 19 is one of my favorite paddles, narrow and at times very twisty, sometimes there are trees down or the water may be low and very small shoals are exposed. The usual gators, deer, hogs, otters and rattlesnakes. You did good JackL you have found one of our hidden gems. Wish the weather was better but we need the rain.

I’ve never paddled it

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But I've been down it in a motor boat a bijillion times. There is a boat ramp at the end of hwy 326. I don't know how far up stream you can go now, but it's about 4 miles out to the gulf. Lots of creeks to explore. I have also put in at a bridge on hwy 24 out of Otter Creek & paddled down to hwy 19.
I do remember seeing some very large gators were down the creeks.

Many thanks
yes that is the launch we found and yes it looked like a hidden gem.

Going up stream which would be your preference, the Waccasassa or the Wekiva?

Jack L

Now if the thunder storms will go away, we are good to go.

jack L

Going upstream
I would paddle up the Waccasassa you can go farther, the Wekiva branches out into the swamp. Sometimes when it hasn’t rained both of them are crystal clear spring runs when you get upstream away from the tides. The middle section of the Waccasassa is where they will be having the 34th Annual Wild Hog Canoe & Kayak Race on April 30th. Have fun! Let me know if you need anything.

Have Fun

Going upstream is nice but it does dead end rather soon, few miles maybe. There is a fork but that too ends. Down stream is great for exploring but the power boat traffic can get rather bad, and I have yet to meet a power boater in that area that slows for kayaks or canoes. Be warned.

We are heading there this morning

Jack L

We had a great paddle there today

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and yes it is a hidden jewel.
We went up the Waccasassa and the Wekiva.
We didn't get very far before we saw some wild pigs, and you were right we only got up the Waccasassa for 2.3 miles before coming across a dead fall with two more right after it.
Then we went up the Wekiva for 2.6 miles until we ran out of time.
It is a wonderful river especially as it narrows and gets smaller and shallower.
We saw a blad eagle, played around with a mother and baby manatee, and saw the biggest gar fish we ever saw in our lives. It had to be five feet long.
As we were putting in, a fisherman with a power boat drove up, so we waited and let him go first and appeared to have made a friend for life. We saw him later and he wanted to chat.
At the take out some guys in a air boat came in right after us, and I gave them a big wave, and got one back.
We'll paddle the Withlacoochee Mouth and Bennetts Creek on Sunday

jack L