wade aid belt/rodholder

came across this product and it looked like an alternative to mounting rod holders or if you are using someones kayak thats not rigged; looks like a neoprene lumbar support belt with built in rod holders and pockets,you could also get off your yak and still carry your gear with you.made for wade fishing but looks like an execellent crossover product…check it out at wadeaid.com

have used WadeAid Belt for several
years. Is is a quality product, holds up well, and, if worn correctly, will keep you from going under if you slip on an underwater obstruction. You can carry two or three rods, and all the necessary accessories. Clip your bait bucket to the rear D-ring and WADE!

just got my wade-aid today!
I have worn them before but now I got my own… best belt out there. good support on them tirin days!!!

Are the belts adjustable

– Last Updated: Jul-24-04 11:40 AM EST –

I am small, this sounds great but I have tried belts before while off-shore fishing and 90% of the ones i've tried are not made to fit small people. How does this one adjust? Also where is jetty jumper from, I live on the texas coast and we have Jettys very close.