Waders!?....Check this out.

Been wearin them for years. This guy ‘‘mythbusts’’ them a little.


Don’t get me wrong, if I could afford a drysuit I’d have one.

Especially if I could find one in camo patterns.


Interesting …
did you post it on the fishing board?

Seems to bust the myth with certain qualifications, such as being assured of a quick self rescue. OTH, the waders did not seem to impede his survivablility wether or not he had a quick self rescue. Then again, it looks like waders have improved very much since I’ve worn a pair smelt fishing in the '70’s.

I betch those might have killed him…


neoprene waders are even better
They add a lot of floatation and since they are supposed to be snug and they are stretchy less water gets in when your wading belt fails.

I really like waders and think they go fine with a paddling jacket or dry top.

PFDs are required even if you use a dry suit.

Great post. Convinced me.
My next piece of gear to extend my paddling time . . . .

Here is an extensive thread, including

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videos about waders and kayaks:


Its the same video, but a very extensive discussion and back/forth arguments about waders and the dangers, especially of breathable waders when fishing near shore off the beach along the Gulf, as well as other ocean shorelines.