wading socks or surfer booties

Does anybody have any recommendations on waders or socks? I’m looking for a bootie product disigned for SOF`s when wading out a bit to launch my qajaq.

I saw a product advertised called chota brookie knee-high wading socks(http://qajaqunderground.com/my-sponsors/chota-boots/) that Freya Hoffmeister uses but it seems that product is closed-out and is no longer available.

Does anybody have a good recommendation for a high-riding bootie or sock to be used with a Greenland kayak?

I’ve been using the NRS Rodeo
socks. They are new so I don’t have a feeling about durability yet, but they work in my ultra tight SOF.



Are the Rodeos…
…waterproof? The Chotas are. My husband doesn’t want his feet to be wet at all.

I use the breathable Mukluks but my feet are small. :wink: Nice and waterproof provided you don’t step in too deep.

Nope! NM

Kayak Academy out of Chota Brookies :frowning:
Just called KA…and all they have are the Mukluks with laces. Darn. I received an email late last night from a lady named Barb who told me they had size 12 Chota Brookie knee-high socks so I called 1st thing this a.m. only to be disappointed with the bad news.

It seems Chota has discontinued the socks but they seem like an excellent accessory for wading out ~ 8" to enter my SOF qajaq. Rodeo socks and Sealskinz Waterblockers would be full of water b4 I could even begin to enter my SOF. What’s a qajaqer to do?

Any other suggestions are most wwelcome

New product

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Kokatat has new stuff - the Nomad, a low profile neoprene bootie with breathable waterproof knee-high upper:


And the launch sock, a waterproof knee high sock of Tropos T3, no protective bootie.


I just received the Seeker bootie today - it's the lower half of the Nomad, with a thinner sole. Very low profile, pretty flexible, maybe not so much sharp-rock protection. Seems well made - I bought them to protect the socks of my new Tempest pants with socks - also pretty nice. I'll post a review after I test them.

PS - these are pretty new, but Marshall at The River Connection had them in stock.