Wait -- that's NOT a rec boat

I guess all of the preconceived ideas went out the window – testing various boats in advance of a purchase, and getting a rec boat for our first year or two, then trading up.

Then I showed a picture to my wife, and she wanted “that boat”. So, from an ad right here on paddling.net, we got (and the seller delivered the boat from PA to MD!) a 21.5 Perception Caretta Kevlar tandem with rudder. What a beast! Mere storage is going to be a challenge.

We seem to fit in the boat just fine and it came with cockpit covers, spray skirts and two carbon fiber paddles (is Epic a brand?), meaning less to buy to kit-out the boat. We still need to get PFD’s, compass, maybe a radio, pump, probably other stuff. Seems to have been a cherished boat, just a few scuffs on the decals and such (from what inspections I could give it).

Lost of questions coming but for starters: OK, I saw the topic a while back about what to coat a kayak with to increase speed, inconclusive results. But how about just for protection? Any reason I cannot give it a coat of Meguair’s Gold Class wax?

I guess we got in at the deep end!

wax - why not
Incidentally, there is another thread going on about “Bathtub Rim” which deals directly with protection from dirt, and what not.

There is a suggestion posted to use yachting wax, probably preferable, since it is specifically formulated for salt water environments.

Is Epic a brand? sort of.
I use wax Mequire’s yacht wax on my decks for UV protection.Be aware that putting it on the hull will make it slick on the rack.I did that once and the boat slid right off when i tried to turn it over.

yes epickayaks.com

Ultraviolet Rays are the enemy
The energetic rays of the sun will break down materials.


Feel free to to do your own research,

but I doubt you’ll find a better product than

303 protectant for use as a “sunscreen” coating

the topside of your boat.

They found a way to “block” solar radiation

between between 290 and 400 nanometers.

The 303 company has never shown data
about how long their product will persist and protect on a boat hull. Never.

But the stuff does work. I’ve used it on the tops of my hands for summer sun, when I’ve forgotten paddling gloves and sunscreen.

My one man composite boat maker, Kaz of Millbrook, recommends waxes developed for “fiberglass”. Like Meguars.

I suspect
that wax with UV inhibitors will stay longer on the surface in water immersion environment than a product that is complete water soluble

303 is not for hulls. Use a high quality boat wax (or car wax for that matter - I doubt there’s much difference), like 3M.

Boats have to spend the entire summer in the sun, and generally get waxed only once a year. 303 will wash right off. Save that for your gaskets.

My wife, (the bride) is the official…
keeper of our fifteen boats, (canoes and kayaks), and she used to use 303. Then she switched to Gel-Gloss on the suggestion from Steve at QCC kayaks.

From there she awitched to Johnsons Kit with carnuba wax, and ever since the boats always have looked good.

My favorite for the vehicles has always been a wax with carnuba in it.

Epic makes high end kayaks, surf skis and paddles.

Jack L

All good feedback
Thanks for all that.

(A)OK, I have Meguiars’ in the garage and when I wax the cars could easily do the boat at the same time.

(B)And I have some 303 too.

©Quite likely I’ll eventually end up at a boat store for something and can grab yacht wax.

(D)Yes, NOW I see the 'bathtub ring" topic… after I post my topic (facepalm).

(E)As the boat will not be left in the sun and exposed mostly while in use of to/from, I probably won’t over-think it. As long as I do .

(F)The bit about the boat sliding around on the roofrack certainly got my attention.

A funny reality

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Most people I know paddle a few hours
- and then store the boat for much longer times.

When the sun shines - it ain't raining;
hence the 303 product does a hell of a job.

It's ALL about applying it to a dry surface;
and then letting it dry, completely, and thoroughly
to bond effectively. Follow the directions.

Excess polymer may ""look" great,
but dust will stick to it.
When it rains; this unbonded crud
"washes off" and will streak the surfaces below.

If you buff - use a DRY cloth.
The polymer needs to bond with the surface.

Enjoy the slipperiness of a waxed top hull
as you attempt a re-entry into the kayak :-(

WHO endorses 303 Protectants - KAYAK MANUFACTURERS

303 for plastic

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303 is best for roto mold plastic kayaks. Klasse for gel coat or thermo form plastic, its a acrylic sealer.Carnuba nice deep shine but last a month in hot sun. Blitz is the best carnuba but has no cleaner in it just pure carnuba wax if you want wax.

Much better protection Klasse

ahhhhh Not EXACTLY

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""We are manufacturers of canoes and kayaks made of
~~~~~~ aramid and fiberglass composites ~~~~~~.

Maybe it was overlooked .......


At the very end is a link to:

The stuff can be put on your PFD, your skirt,
your hatches, etc., etc. so its versatile.
I know people that use it on tents, bivvy sacks, etc.

To each their own - have a great summer everyone.