Waiting for ice out

Suffering from cabin fever, went down to Manasquan Inlet last week-end. It was just about the only open water around. caught nothing, but enjoyed the day. gave me an opportunity to try the new Berkley Gulp saltwater baits. I was wondering how many others are also suffering from this malady called Fish pox. and is there any known cure?

not too bad
I have been busy teaching, hunting, and cutting firewood. However, planning this summer’s BWCA trips has canoeing on my mind. Still a few months before spring fishing kicks in.

Are you kidding !
Im going nuts !!! I want to FISH !!! I want to KAYAK !!! I WANT MY RIVER !!! LOL

I feel your pain!
Here in the daks ive got a good month or two to go till ice out.Worst part is i added a SPTW i got on clearance to the fleet and havent had a chance to use it yet.Florida and some Tarpon’s a good cure.