"Waiting for morning fog to lift" page 2

The Newsletter this week had a picture caption on page 2 entitled, Waiting For the Morning Fog to Lift.

Does anyone know why he was waiting?

Godot is in the fog? NM

lost his compass
couldn’t read his chart and the GPS wouldn’t work and oh yes, his freon fog horn was out of gas and the membrane on the manual breath blow fog horn broke.

Dun’t fergit dat Adrianne Barbeau
an’ her rather impressive “assets” be a’waitin’ in de Fog.


might be friggin freezin …
… in the 1st dawn light of a mountain valley , waiting for a few more degrees of warmth .

Thanks Pilotwing, that makes sense

Watching the fog lift is
as beautiful as paddling in it if you are a paddler and can relate.

Paddlin’ on


Yes Richard one many beautiful things
we are privledged to experience as paddlers. I think of all the years I drove over bridges never knowing what I was missing below.