Wake-up, paddle... and repeat - Prana on the Apalachicola

It’s a "muscular"river they said.
Then the third (or forth) fisherman that we encountered after the launch at Chattahoochee said: “mind 'dem currents, they git ya!”

So I probably was a bit close when I passed by that red buoy… fortunately it was only a “paint swap” - and my seam is red (and a close match). :disappointed_relieved:
Lesson learned. Respect this muscular river.

4 paddlers.
5 days, 4 nights.
115 miles.
Full moon - with a lunar eclipse.
Mid forties at night, low 70’s by mid day. Trace amount of rain.
5 gallons of water per paddler (potable but sulfury water available on last night).
Whole, fresh food until the final day via Ice Mule coolers.
A few beers, some whiskey and a bit of rum.

And now the pictures:

The route:

The boats:

Sample campsite (sand bars every night except the last)

Yes there were campfires to go with that whiskey and rum. Complete with a lunar eclipse too.

The sights:

22 miles to go:

Almost there:

The end:


Looks like a great trip. I had only seen the river from the bluffs during flood stage. It looked very challenging.

Fantastic! Thanks for the report Wormdevil. How’d you like your Prana on this trip?

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She’s and excellent vessel. Plenty of storage (that included lots of water and fresh foods). Fast. Turns on a dime skeg up (like nothing that I have paddled!). Skeg down or part way down and she’s a milage eater.
Paddles the same loaded or unloaded (of course quicker direction changes unloaded).
The parts that were supposed to get wet, got wet and the parts that were supposed to stay dry stayed dry.
Seating position dialed in (see previous post about seat modifications for CD Danish boats).


Now to get planning my next trip!

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Wormdevil you’re an adventurer for sure, nice trip!
Back in SoFL now and enjoying the warm weather with my Hurricanes, sure wish I had my Equinox here but she lives in SC, all cleaned and tucked away for winter. Enjoy paddling :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Happy Holidays @SC_PaddlingGirl