Wakes from power boats.

I am a kayak guy and even in my kayak the wakes caused by powerboats can be very dangerious. How do you guys handle wakes from powerboats?


Time on the water
It’s called time on the water. Also depends on what you are paddling. A full on sea kayak or a plastic toy. Some are more seaworthy than others. If you are new or unskilled, just point your bow into the wake.

I meant what do you do?
How do you guys handle the boat wakes.?I would much rather be in my yak than on a paddle board

I try to get…
lined up and surf them.

Point your kayak or board into the wake and relax. After a few of these, point it at an angle, say 45 degrees. then point your stern into the wake. a boat wake, unless its from a freighter or Navy ship, won’t be big enough to tip you over, unless some numbskull is buzzing you. Just keep your head over the center of the boat or board and keep your lower body loose. If on a board, get a little lower, squat if you have to. A lot of newer paddlers underestimate the seaworthness of their paddle craft tip over because they think they should, when the water scares them. When you get to the part of having he wake behind you,paddle as hard as you can when the back of your boat starts in. You will have fun.


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surf it