Walden Kayak uncomfortable seat options

I have 2 Walden Experiance Kayaks my wife and I picked up a few years back that we occasionally paddle around. The problem I have is that the seats are horrible for us. My wife has a bad back and I have a 34" inseam so the cockpit seams a little tight. These boats seem nice and heavy duty and can take quite a beating which is nice. They also seam to track pretty well although they are slow.
Am I better off coming up with some sort of seat upgrade or should we bite the bullet and look at getting something newer with a better fit. Unfortunately with the current Covid situation it seems as though Kayaks are pretty much sold out in our area so I would be limited to what pops up on CL of FB marketplace

I had one of those and the backrest is terrible. It’s as if the contour of the backrest and point at which it pivots just aren’t compatible making that contour all wrong. I was able to improve it a little by removing the seat and then knocking out the plastic pivot shaft to loosen the backrest. I then replaced the pivot shaft with a doubled piece of heavy rope that I then fed around the back of the backrest and tied off. It made the pivot less rigid and allowed the backrest contour to adjust better to my back. You could also leave the backrest off altogether and use a sit-on-top seat/backrest.

I wish I could but mine is a solid one piece seat and backrest

Wow. So Walden managed to make two different styles of highly uncomfortable seats.

I managed a pretty easy fix and its so much better now. 1st seat got replaced with a Perception Swifty 11.5 and the second got replaced with a Wilderness Systems Pungo. and with the current market it barely cost me much.

“Uncomfortable” covers a pretty broad spectrum of issues. Uncomfortable in what way? More detail will help people provide better advice.